Naps and complaints

Ali has been a champion napper for probably 6 months or so, two 2-3 hour naps a day without fail. She just started sleeping thru the night about a month ago, thank god, but I think it’s all about to change on me. Guess I should be used to it, nothing has stayed the same for too long so far, but dang I love those free hours!

For the last week or so, she has been trying to skip second nap and/or waking up in the middle of the night ready to party. It seems like she needs the sleep still since she starts acting like a butt as the evening wears on, but she’s just not doing it. I even tried the evil and dreaded cry it out to see if she would settle down and go to sleep, totally didn’t work.

Tired little stinker…
I suppose I’m going to have to face the fact that she’s probably ready to go down to one nap a day. Now, she’s old enough now that it’s not impossible to get stuff done around the house, but my wife is going to have to brace herself for the coming messiness when my “free” time is reduced. ‘Cause I’m just not giving up my netflix and Facebook addictions 😉

In other news, my super judgy friend came to visit this weekend. I love her, we have been friends for 20 years, but man she can rub me the wrong way. We are both semi new parents, her daughter is 3 months old and mine is 14 months, which has opened up so much more of the judgy judgy stuff. To be fair to her, I have changed quite a bit since getting married and having a kid. I used to be one of those cool people who lived downtown and rode my bike for transportation and wouldn’t dream of drinking a beer that wasn’t a local craft brew. Now I’m a suburban mom who is dangerously close to getting a minivan and gets a three day headache after half of one of those delicious craft beers, which means I just say no these days. Needless to say, I got the side eye and the snarky comments for the whole visit.

I wonder how things will look a year from now when her daughter is the age that mine is right now…we will see how tightly she holds to those (absolutely unrealistic and in my opinion silly) ideals she has now. I already got the satisfaction of seeing her baby blow poop stains onto all of those fancy, expensive, all white, organic outfits she insisted was the only thing her child would ever wear. Now she’s dressed in the Carter’s hand me downs I gave her…even the pink ones. Hehe…
For now I’ll just endure the judginess and bite my tongue, and be there when she needs to talk or wants to borrow that disgustingly ugly plastic highchair when she realizes just how hard it is to keep her fancy, Danish-modern wooden one clean.
Now that I’m done complaining, here is some super cuteness!



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