Let it snow

We aren’t getting nearly as much snow as they are getting in my hometown up in michigan, but it’s enough to keep my little buddies and I inside today. (Did you know I babysit a couple kids 3 days a week? This is the hardest, most labor intensive job I’ve ever had in my life, for by far the least amount of pay, but I love it!) Since dropping first nap (sob), we usually go somewhere in the mornings because they seem soooooo looooong now. One reason I love my dorky Midwestern town is that there are quite a few super cheap to free indoor places to take toddlers, it’s a lifesaver!
Anyway, I don’t feel like braving the icy roads with someone else’s kids today, so we have lots of:

reading books together,

annoying the cats,

and watching bubble guppies.

I’m going to have to brush up on my Pinterest boards and hit up the dollar store for some fun indoor activities, I’ve heard this winter is going to be about as crazy as the last one!

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4 Responses to Let it snow

  1. Shannon says:

    The picture of outside with snow is beautiful!


  2. DeCaf says:

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll come up with great activities.


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