Let the holiday season begin!

I’ve always loved this time of year, the food and lights and awkward family get togethers are almost as fun as summer sunshine and swimming. Almost…
Now that we have a kid, Jen and I are talking a lot about what kinds of family traditions we want Ali to grow up with, which is really cool but also is one of those moments where it hits me that we didn’t just ‘have a baby’, we are shaping an individual human’s life and experiences. Whoa man…
But anyway, I don’t want to get too deep on a Friday morning, so let’s talk about that magnificent turkey I made for thanksgiving! It was a masterpiece:

Papa started tearing into it before the bird’s photo session, so it’s perfection has to live in our memories. I love cooking and hosting, so prepare yourself for lots of food porn pictures in the future. 😉 It’s a little hard because Ali wants to ‘help’ which really slows everything down, but in a few years I can put her to work and she will really be able to help.
We went to the Light the Night festival Wednesday night, it’s where all of the downtown decorations are lit up. It’s the official kick off to the holiday season here, there are fireworks and reindeer and Santa and hot chocolate, really everything you could ever want on a cold snowy night on the town. This was the first time Ali had seen fireworks, she loved it!


She also got to pet a reindeer, eat a cookie, and get her picture with Santa. Quite a big night for her!



Fun times! Now it’s on to Christmas baking and shopping…

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2 Responses to Let the holiday season begin!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Look at your little girl! She’s an absolute doll! Happy holidays!

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