The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: I’m done with my class I was taking, yay! My class for next semester is an actual, real live class at the college which means I will get out of the house without my barnacle once a week, double yay! Speaking of my barnacle, since we went down to one nap, she is napping for 3+ hours! It’s cool because I’ve been able to binge watch sons of anarchy, I mean do lots of housework. I end up getting kind of bored by the end, and start poking around in her room hoping she wakes up. A year ago I never could have imagined that I would be doing that since I spent sooo much time trying to get her to go the eff to sleep, and more importantly stay the eff asleep!

The bad: So we are going to spend Christmas in St. Louis with Jen’s sister and her family. I guess it’s not that bad, but I like being home for the holidays. I don’t feel like I can really indulge in my cooking, baking, and candy making like I like to do this time of year since I will be in someone else’s kitchen. Aunt Lexi is a cool chick, but her kitchen isn’t as well equipped as mine. Think it would be weird to show up with a ham from my beloved butcher, my stand mixer, silpats, and candy thermometer?

The ugly: My sweet little muffin head has turned into a real butt all of a sudden. Tantrums and screaming and throwing herself to the ground over who knows what sometimes. Part of it is a communication problem, she is right on the edge of talking and it really pisses her off when she can’t express herself. Part of it is just being a toddler I guess. She won’t stay in the shopping cart anymore which is horrible since shopping is one of my pleasures in life, even grocery shopping :). So that sucks. She flails around during diaper changes, I probably have poop on me all the time from trying to wrangle her little booty. And then there’s the totally weird stuff like how she took her pants and diaper off and tried to go to sleep in the middle of the living room naked butt and all, and had a meltdown when I tried dressing her and putting her in her crib. Really kid?? Everyone told me that since she was a difficult baby, she would be an easy toddler. I think they lied…
Hehe, she’s lucky she’s cute!


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4 Responses to The good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. Lindsay says:

    I hear you on toddlerhood. Evie has good days and bad days. I’m working really hard on finding my patience on her bad days. It’s a struggle, to be honest. I have a post in the works about it!

    I don’t think it would be weird to bring your supplies to the house you’ll be for Christmas, by the way. If a guest of mine did that, I’d be happy!


    • kayrosey says:

      Yes, my patience wears thin sometimes. And it’s embarrassing when she is screaming and flailing all around in public, but I don’t want to just stay home all the time so we are just dealing with it. Sometimes I just have to laugh though. Like this morning when she had a total fit and insisted on getting out of her high chair RIGHT NOW…all so she could dance to that darn song ‘last Christmas’ by Wham while cheesing at me.


  2. Shannon says:

    I love your kitty photo bomber 😉


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