What day is it again?

I’m all messed up since I don’t have the kids I babysit for a few weeks, and Jen is off for a week. It’s like, perpetual Saturday…
We got all of the shopping/wrapping/baking done today, 2 whole days before Christmas! I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but we set out for St. Louis tomorrow so it had to be done. Now that I’m done pouting about leaving town for the holidays, I’m actually kind of excited to go. Maybe we will even stay an extra day and go to the city museum, that place is freaking awesome!
Hey, look at these cookies:

I love it when they look like the pictures in the cookie book 🙂
On another note, I was looking thru old pictures of Ali today and it really struck me how much she’s changed in the last few months.

(Future Ali, sorry for posting a picture of your booty butt on the internet, but at least it’s cute!)
What a difference 3 months makes!

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2 Responses to What day is it again?

  1. DeCaf says:

    She’s very clearly had a growth spurt. Is crazy how fast kids grow, especially babies.

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