Goodbye old year, hello new one!

I should probably be cleaning or cooking or something since we are having a few people over tonight, but I’m a procrastinator to the core. I’ve thought about working on that, then I decided it’s just who I am 😉
So Ali is having some mommy issues right now, it’s kind of annoying. A couple days ago I went to the gym for the first time since getting pregnant, (I decided it’s been over a year, I can’t really call this my ‘baby weight’, I’m just plain fat) and I dropped her off at the little child are room. She is so friendly and social and doesn’t seem to give a crap if I’m right there with her, I figured she would be fine. I even walked past after a few minutes and waved at her, she waved back and kept playing. After a while she must have realized I wasn’t there, and decided it was some serious bullcrap, and cried so much they had to come get me. It’s been 2 days and she still won’t let me out of her sight! Not even to pee! There shall be no closed doors between us! I don’t know what to do, I guess just ride it out? I’m going to try again next week, I’m not hopeful but we will see…
So I’m not really one to reflect on the past year, or make all these resolutions, but I’m finding myself doing a little of both this week. Mostly my reflections have to do with Ali, having a kid marks time in a totally different way than before. Before, each month or year really wasn’t all that different from the one before. Sure, there was that awesome vacation that one year, or that other month was kind of shitty because the furnace broke or something, but nothing compares to the changes between giving birth/newborn craziness/all the first things/etc.
As for New Years resolutions, I have one! I’ve been kind of testy and distracted lately, and so I took stock and thought about what was going on with me. I realized that I needed to go back to the sweat lodge that I used to go to. (If you don’t know what it is, the link gives a more or less accurate description). Lodge is something I went to monthly for…how old am I again?…11 or 12 years before getting pregnant. You can’t do it when you are pregnant, and it just sort of fell off the radar for me this past year or so, but I’ve realized I need that time to center myself and connect with that community. I wasn’t raised with religion at all, so praying feels weird and awkward to me, but sweating kind of serves the same purpose. Anyway, I’m going to lodge tomorrow for the first time in 2 years, I’m so excited!
I can’t believe I wrote all that and didn’t put pictures in! Here, I’ll leave you all with the latest of my little barnacle:


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  1. Shannon says:

    I hope you enjoy your time for yourself tomorrow.

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