Gotta look for that silver lining…

So I don’t need surgery to fix my wrist, just having a cast should do it! That’s fantastic news, I guess it’s rare to not need surgery with a break at this location.
And I got a removable cast, thank god. My arm and fingers were feeling very oppressed in the e.r. cast.
In other news, Ali is being horrible lately. Throwing herself to the ground, screaming and flailing all over the place every time I come back after leaving for a bit. Leaving as in, taking too long in the shower or taking the trash cans to the curb, as well as actually leaving the house without her. This is new territory for me, I’m having a hard time being compassionate and understanding of her feelings. Guess we will just muddle through and hope this phase ends relatively soon…
But she still has many moments of super cuteness, so that’s good 🙂


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3 Responses to Gotta look for that silver lining…

  1. Glad to hear you don’t need surgery…hope you have a speedy recovery…and that face! I can’t deal!

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  2. kayrosey says:

    Thanks! She was really posing for the camera for this one, dying cheese and everything 🙂


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