Giant baby!

Ali’s 15 month appointment was yesterday, and the doctor confirmed that yes, she is a major stinker for her age and yes, she is giant (98% across the board) and will probably end up a tall person. I don’t know how that happened since I’m pretty short and come from short people, and so does her donor. That’s actually one of the reasons we picked him, we thought it would be weird to have a giant 6+ foot son (if she ended up a boy) with two tiny, barely over 5 feet moms. Oh well, looks like we will get a close to 6 foot daughter, if the stays on her growth curve anyway! Maybe it’s all the gmo spaghettios she eats…

Just kidding, that was the first and last time I let her partake in my secret spaghettios love, her tray is still stained orange several days later! And just so you know, I’m actually a hard core foodie, with a CSA and a cow share for my bootleg, unpasteurized milk and a close relationship with the butcher shop down the road. I don’t know why I love that nasty canned pasta, but I do…
So I’ve been setting aside a few times a day to have Ali and friends do table top activities. I do it with the older kid I watch during nap time, but I thought that maybe if I engaged Ali’s brain a little more she would slow down with the tantrums and tearing the house apart. It works with my dogs, and dogs are kind of like kids, right?


She loves it! I don’t know that it’s curbing any undesirable behavior, but she really likes to be a big girl and do big girl things. I should probably get back into Pinterest to find more ideas for her age, we need to branch out from puzzles and play dough and scribbling.

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8 Responses to Giant baby!

  1. God, spaghettio’s are so awful and yet so delicious. I can’t decide if it’s because they’re so salty-sweet or if they just yank on our nostalgia super hard. We have a cow share and our own garden etc etc and yet I can’t get near a box of kraft mac & cheese without the box winning.
    Tall baby! Well, at least she can always reach the top shelf for you guys when you’re both little old ladies. 🙂

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  2. Shannon says:

    Maybe she will be on the basketball team with that sort of height 🙂

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  3. The LadyKing says:

    They make organic, non-gmo spaghettios and I feel weird every time we buy them. It’s really one of those things we should accept is horribly, deliciously bad. 🙂

    As for more activites: vinegar and baking soda; kinetic sand; stickers and envelopes; flour. Just flour. Just flour, measuring cups, water, and an apology in advance from me. 🙂


  4. kayrosey says:

    Those are good ideas, thanks! We might hold off on the kinetic sand for a few months since she still puts stuff in her mouth…


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