Party time!

Jen’s 35 birthday was yesterday, and all she wanted was a party so I threw her a party! I struggled with it a bit at first because what exactly does a birthday party for someone in their 30s look like? Probably not like this:

I decided to skip the balloons and just focus on making lots of food and something delicious and boozy to drink. It’s a good thing Jen has strange taste in cake, there is no way I would have been able to do any intricate frosting with my broken wrist. I was totally able to throw some whipped cream on tres leches cupcakes and smear frosting on a German chocolate cake though.
br />
I always get a little nervous when I put something together, what if no one shows up? What if I screw up the food? What if it’s boring and everyone wants to leave? It all turned out really well though, lots of people came and I saw even the picky eaters going back for seconds and we had to kick people out at 11 so miss Ali could go to bed.
All of this:

Led to quite a few wine fueled photo bombs:

I’m glad everything came together for Jen and she had a good time, I know that she has been struggling a bit with the dreary winter and the monotony of work and feeling old now that she is officially in her mid thirties. She is the kind of person that needs something to look forward to to get thru the boring times in life, and the after the holidays lull sucks for her. I should probably plan something else to keep her going since our next exciting thing isn’t until the end if March, when we booked a few nights at the Great Wolf Lodge.
That place is super cool, we went to one last fall and we all had a blast.

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3 Responses to Party time!

  1. Lindsay says:

    What an awesome looking party! I am 35 this year, too. Feeling really…ambivalent about it. :I

    Great Wolf Lodge is so much fun!


  2. kayrosey says:

    I’m going to be 37 in March! Ick! Definitely having some kind of feelings about that too…
    We got a decent groupon deal for the great wolf lodge, I’m pretty excited for it!


  3. Shannon says:

    That German Chocolate cake looks delicious…as does all of the wine 😉


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