Awkward dinner party

We are about to have one of those.
We are trying to strike up friendships with other people with kids, well, Jen is anyway and I’m sort of just along for the ride. And I’m the cook apparently since she keeps inviting people over for dinner…
So this evening we are having another couple, a lesbian (gasp!) couple at that, and their two kids over. Jen knows one of the ladies from work, they see each other in passing and have a few clients in common (Jen is a social worker, our ‘new friend’ is a psychiatrist), but I’ve never met them.
The pressure! What the hell am I supposed to cook!?
I settled on home made bread:

2015/01/img_4312.jpg I love kneading/punching down dough, it’s totally therapeutic. You should try it some time.
Ice cream:

2015/01/img_4310.jpg Everyone loves ice cream, right?
And a fancy quiche:

The salad isn’t photogenic so I didn’t take a picture of it, poor salad.
I guess even if the company isn’t all that great, at least the food will be good!

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