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It’s been pretty boring around here lately, which is how I usually like it! We are on the edge of too boring though, it’s just that time of year when everyone is getting cranky and stir crazy and ready for spring. I can’t wait for this:

IMG_2142 I grew up about 45 minutes from this spot on Lake Michigan, and used to spend lots of time on the beach. Even though I live about 3 hours away now, I hope we can get over there pretty often this coming summer, I’m sure Ali will love it.
Sigh, summer…
So Ali spent her first night away from home last weekend! Jen and I went to a friend’s wedding, and Ali spent the night at her Nana and Papa’s house. I wasn’t sure how I would handle our first night apart, but I ended up having a great time :). See, we are having fun!

IMG_4359 Ali had fun too, she got to hang out with some chickens, go sledding with Papa, and stay up way too late watching Dora with Nana. She was kind of clingy and weepy for a few days after, but not as bad as I thought she would be. My big girl…
In other big girl news, we went to an informational night at the preschool we are sending her to in the fall. Who knew you had to start this stuff 6 months in advance? I thought it might be kind of dumb, but it ended up being pretty cool, I’m glad we went. It is a montessori school, so the philosophy is really different than what I’m used to, being a former public school teacher. I’m excited for Ali to go there, I think it will be a good fit for her personality. Plus, it’s run by lesbians so we know there most likely won’t be any weird stuff from the administration about our family dynamics.
It’s crazy to me that in not too many months my little baby will be in preschool! Time goes by so fast… I have that timehop app that is also reminding me how fast things change. A year ago she was all cheeks:

IMG_4363 Now she is too busy ‘fishing’ to show off those cheeks 🙂


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