Firsts and lasts

First off, I want to say that the weather needs to get it together over here. We had that lovely week of sunny, 60-70 degree days, such a teaser!  Then this awful thing happened while we were out of town: 

Ali seemed to enjoy one last snow meal. Right now it is 40 degrees and snowing big fat flakes. How is this possible? Who knows, must be one of Indiana’s mysteries. (Actually I do know how this works, I love sciencey things. I often take math or science based courses through Coursera just for fun. I like to think it makes me a better conversationalist, but I’ve found that no one shares my passion for astrobiology or climate change issues or algorithms.) 

Being stuck back inside must be making me more emotional or reflective or something, I’ve had a couple moments over the last few days.  The first one came when this timehop photo popped up: 

and I realized my baby is way more kidlike than babylike now. Then the same day someone put this on my Facebook page: 

I’ve seen it before but it struck me this time because we are already having ‘the last time’ moments. Just a month or so I was complaining about Ali only wanting to nap on top of me, now that is totally over. She still likes to sit on my lap and cuddle sometimes, but she wants to lay in her bed to sleep. There are a couple other big girl things like that, and after a year+ of everything being the first time, it’s strange and a little sad to realize some things are coming to an end. 

In other news, I tried something new with her hair: 

It didn’t work out…

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One Response to Firsts and lasts

  1. The LadyKing says:

    Oh, how many lasts there are when they move out of the baby stage and into toddlerhood. And from toddlerhood to full fledged kiddo. It can make the lot of us sentimental.

    But there are so, so many firsts to look forward to, as well. Firsts never stop. That’s the fun part!

    Also, the terrifying part, if you have The Lady as your child but I digress.

    And for what it’s worth, that hair style is solid. 😉

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