18 months

Ali had her 18 month checkup yesterday, the last of the every 3 months checkups so now she won’t be back until she turns 2! Everything went as I expected, she is still a giant with all of her measurements falling between the 96-98 percentile. Her gross and fine motor skills are way ahead for her age. She doesn’t have any markers for autism. We are doing all the things the doctor thinks we should, like using time outs (they freaking work! I was amazed!), and setting her on the potty (nothing yet, but at least she’s not afraid of the toilet). Then there is her language. I totally knew that she’s not ahead with language like she is in most other developmental areas, but it was a little shocking to hear the doctor say she wants to refer Ali to speech therapy if she doesn’t start using more words in the next couple months. Objectively, I know that speech therapy isn’t really a big deal, but emotionally it makes me feel like I’m doing something ‘wrong’ with Ali. And maybe I am, we are together 24/7 so I always know what she wants or needs just by her facial expression or behavior, she doesn’t have to verbalize it. Hopefully she will catch up now that I’m more aware and will actively work with her more, I’m anxious to hear what she is thinking about! A year from now I’ll probably be wishing she would stop talking, but for now I’m curious to hear what she has to say. 

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2 Responses to 18 months

  1. The LadyKing says:

    Went through the same thing with Thatcher so if you have any questions, let me know. For what it’s worth, the pediatrician thought his verbal skills were WAY worse than an actual speech language pathologist, who said they were practically non-existent.


  2. kayrosey says:

    Thanks ladyking, I’ll keep you in mind if something pops up! Maybe she will start talking soon, but if she does have some sort of issues I would like to address them as soon as possible.


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