We had lovely, sunny days in the low 70s this weekend, I feel like spring is officially here. That feeling is further reinforced by my first sunburn of the year! Don’t worry, it’s not too bad 😉

Another classic sign of spring around here is the crapload of yardwork we did, I don’t think I’ve ever spread that much mulch in my life before! Now everything is beautiful and amazing, but I won’t bore you with pictures of my yard. I will share a lovely picture of our first fire of the year:  

 Ali thought it was about the coolest thing she’s ever seen.  She was clapping her hands and saying ‘ohh!’ and ‘wow!’ pretty much the whole time, it was super cute.  

We also discovered a little nature preserve by our house, that was exciting. My town is full of wonderful parks and is connected by a really great system of bike trails, but this is the first time I’ve been able to find good hiking trails. The trails are a bit too much for miss Ali right now, and she refuses to ride in a carrier, so it was slow going. I had to remind myself that letting her screw around with sticks and poke at moss is building a love of the outdoors, there will be plenty of time in the years coming up where we will actually walk and explore the area. What we were able to get to was nice: 

   And of course, everywhere we go Jen insists on taking a family selfie: 

 This was the best of the worse, none of us were all that photogenic that day. We were too busy having fun to look pretty. 

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