A spirited child

A friend posted one of those list articles on my Facebook wall, ‘8 Signs You Have a Spirited Child.’  After I decided to not take offense, I had to admit that Ali really is one of those spirited children. The first thing on the list is something about their perseverance having perseverance. 


I try really hard to not get in a battle of wills with her, but sometimes you just gotta. I swear I only ‘win’ because I have 35 years on her, she is like a powerful, frightening force of nature when she has her mind set on something.  The article did prompt a parenting discussion between Jen and I. As Ali gets older, I can see it’s becoming much more important to check in with each other to make sure we are both ok and on board with what we are doing with discipline, etc.  

Our current debate is over Ali and the bird feeders.  

 She loves shaking the shephard’s hook and making the birdseed sprinkle down.  Or shaking the bird bath and making water splash on her head. After much discussion about the price of bird seed and did we we really care if she did it or does it just seem like we should care and on a scale of 1-10 how annoying is it to pick the seeds out of her tiny fro, we finally decided to move the feeders and hang other cool things from the hooks that she will enjoy shaking around. I was just going to move them altogether, but one of my friends said something that has stuck with me when I asked her opinion: “Oh man, when will a human ever get to explore life like that again?? Let her go crazy with those things! So much fun!”

I think that might be my new motto for parenting 🙂

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3 Responses to A spirited child

  1. I love the solution and motto!

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  2. Shannon says:

    Oh I feel your pain on the getting bird seed out of her hair. Judge comes home from daycare with sand in his hair and I cuss every time 🙂

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  3. Honestly, the whole “You only live once” motto rings true for our littles too…they are experiencing the world with new eyes and open hearts…they have no idea how annoying it is to get bird seed out of tiny fro’s, but they know how fun it is to shake, and watch the motion of seeds falling on the floor. Kids learn through play, no matter how reckless it seems…I love your new motto!

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