This girl loves playing with her trucks!  

 Quite a few people have made comments on Ali’s toys when they first come over, they wonder where the princess shit is and always tell me that little girls really need dollies to play with. 

She has one, and doesn’t care for it at all. She also doesn’t care for stuffed animals, or tea party sets, or barbies. Maybe someday she will, but for now she wants to push her trucks and build with blocks and crawl through her play tunnel, and it’s annoying? insulting? that someone thinks they know my kid’s interests better than I do. 

I don’t normally get too worked up over this kind of stuff, but I guess one too many people have referred to Ali as a tomboy this week.  Can’t we save the tomboy stuff for later? Can’t she just be a toddler for now? 

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4 Responses to Trucks

  1. Lindsay says:

    That’s ridiculous. Toddlers don’t know – or care – what constitutes as a “boy” or “girl” toy. And they’re the ones who have it right.

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  2. kayrosey says:

    It is ridiculous. I know people don’t mean it this way, but it makes me feel like they don’t think her tiny little girl brain is capable of handling anything beyond plastic high heels and a tiara.


  3. Becca says:

    Kinda gross how early the gender stereotypes kick in with people’s expectations of girls. Luckily she is just free to be herself. (Now I have “Free to be You and Me” in my head.)


  4. The LadyKing says:

    We try extremely hard to keep gender “roles” out of this house and believe me when I say that nearly every person we know has some level of difficulty with it. I get it. They are seriously engrained at all levels of society, but we just do not participate. Like you, we’re fairly certain ALL children should have access to all things and they can pick and choose what they like.

    I always get so sad when I go to clothing stores and see on one side “future engineer” and “future president” and “space and science!” and on the other it’s like “cupcake” and “butterfly”. Sigh. The Lady would be a TERRIBLE butterfly. 😉


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