Crazy baby

Whew, this toddler phase is tough! Just when I think, ‘this is it, surely we have come to the apex of the challenging behavior, how can it be worse?’, she starts doing new terrible things. She has recently added a full on scream when something isn’t going her way, as well as throwing herself down while flailing all four limbs. And she’s fighting her stroller and car seat when the mood strikes her, nothing like literally wrestling your baby into a stroller in public while she is screaming bloody murder at the top of her lungs. Oh well, it won’t last forever, right?!  Right?!

As much as she has been a stinker lately, she’s also had some super cute stuff going on too.  We have started going to the zoo this week now that it’s open, and there is so much laughing and dancing and ohhs and ahhs over the animals. Her fearlessness is a little concerning in that setting though, she’s already grabbed a penguin, and touched a peacock’s butt. I’m probably going to look away for a second, and turn around to find her riding a giraffe at some point this summer.  


She’s also starting to use more words, which is reassuring. She’s singing along to her favorite songs, and even repeating dialogue from some episodes of Dora. Such a fast transition from mostly grunting and pointing, to using 2 word phrases like she did today. (She said, ‘go play, go play!’  It was the first time she’s said anything other than just pointing out the name for something.)

Since she seems to be such a big girl all of a sudden, I decided to let her help make pizzas the other night.  

 It didn’t really work out. She spent most of the time trying to eat frozen naan bread, and smearing sauce and cheese everywhere. I rescued what was left of my mangled little pizzas, and just let her eat the sauce from the jar.  Soon enough she will be my little helper while I cook, but not quite yet 🙂

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