Just another manic Monday 

We had such a wonderful weekend, the universe must have decided to balance it out with a crazy Monday. Ali only had one teeny tiny meltdown the whole weekend, and it was after a long day being dragged around menards and ignored while mommies did yard work. I was actually surprised she held it together as long as she did! Speaking of menards, one of the things we bought was a shade canopy to put on the deck. Once summer gets going, that deck is like molten lava, I for real got blisters from walking on it a couple summers ago. Now that I have several mobile littles running around, I have to have a shaded area for them to hang out in. Anyway, I got the canopy all set up, which was a pain in the ass, and a tiny puff of wind immediately blew it over. First I got really mad, then I turned to my buddy Pinterest.  

 Pinterest for the win! 

Like I said, I’m paying for all the awesome I had this weekend. My kid is absolutely refusing to nap. She’s being sort of cute at the moment, but will turn into a demon from hell at some point in the near future. Hopefully she waits to turn until Jen gets home so I have backup!  Then there’s this little chicken nugget:  

 Don’t let this pic fool you! She’s having one of those fussy, high needs kind of days I remember so well from when Ali was this age. I fought long and hard for this little nap! Oh, and to top it all off I just heard the tornado sirens, so I suppose we should all head down to the basement so we don’t get blown away. Man, I think I need another cup of coffee!!

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