Baby Baby

Oh, my little buddy… 

 I love having this little girl around during the week! I won’t lie, she makes my days much more difficult, especially when she is having one of those high needs days, but it’s so nice to have a little one around again. If all goes well with the baby making plans, we should have a newborn this time next year (please be kind to us baby gods!), and I’m thinking of this summer as our practice run. This is our third week in with the little lady, and I feel really good about the schedule and rhythm we are getting down. Her eating and sleeping was all over the place at first, which meant there was a ton of hungry/overtired/crying moments, but these last 2 days have been a dream now that I have started a schedule. I’m sure that I totally just jinxed myself and will spend the rest of the week walking and bouncing a screaming baby, but for now I’ll revel in my success. 

Now Ali and her raging jealousy is another problem I’m not having much success with. It really burns her up to see her mommy feeding and gazing into another baby’s eyes. I suppose it’s good for her to learn how to share me and be more patient with getting her needs met. Her language is really improving quite a bit, so that is helping. She’s saying tons of words now, and is even forming 2 word sentences on occasion! It’s amazing how fast she’s picking things up. 

My little girl  

 She sometimes slows down a little and actually focuses on stuff! 

   Especially on these unseasonably cool days when she can’t be outside doing this:  

 Hopefully this is our last bout of temps in the 60s, I’m more than ready for those hazy, lazy summer days! 

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6 Responses to Baby Baby

  1. Love Ali in the swing. 🙂 i’m glad she’s getting some big sister practice!


    • kayrosey says:

      It’s neat to see them together, and to feel like I might be able to pull off caring for more than one kid. Having the babe around has made me thankful I didn’t get pregnant when we tried last fall, I’m glad to be able to really enjoy Ali and focus on her while she is still little.


  2. The LadyKing says:

    She’s so adorable! Love the swim photo. Is she at all interested in “helping” with baby? It was our go-to when The Lady started getting a little green. Or we would give her a doll and have her so the same things.


  3. I was gonna suggest the same thing as the Lady King. Give her a baby to play with, and even when the real baby isnt there, pretend that the baby doll is real. Ask Ali if you can feed her, and change her, and do all the things you will normally do. It’s the best way to get her to “warm up” to the idea of there being a baby around…And look at her in that swimming pool..

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