What’s in a name?

Ali is really into naming everything right now, especially body parts. She knows all of the face parts, and we have been slowly working our way down the body to arms, hands, tummy, etc.  She even points those things out on pictures and her toys, it’s cute.  

 Her new friend Alex is the best for naming things, she really loves this toy. I got him to be her ‘baby’ to work with while I do stuff with baby Em.  So far it’s working out really well, thanks for the suggestion guys!

Sooner or later on our quest to name all the body parts, we get to ‘the private area’. I’m not at all opposed to using anatomically correct names, but vagina seems like a big word for such a little girl. I was completely unprepared with a name, so when Ali got there, the words front butt actually came out of my mouth! I have no idea why I said that, but she freaking remembers it and now it goes: tummy, back, butt, front butt, legs, feet. 

I need a better name. 

What do you all use? 

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16 Responses to What’s in a name?

  1. I have no suggestion but holy smokes I can’t believe you told her front butt. That just made my day.


    • kayrosey says:

      You’ve got it easy! Peepee or weewee are perfectly acceptable toddler names for boy parts. I can’t think of anything easy for girl parts, but I need to figure it out soon because I just can’t keep front butt going.


  2. Shannon says:

    Oh we need suggestions too!! Judge has no problem saying penis and takes roll call of who has a penis but now with a sister vagina just doesn’t seem ok. We have some friends who call it a “cookie” but something about teaching you kid that and then asking if they want to eat a cookie just seems NOT ok.

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    • kayrosey says:

      I imagine we will eventually settle on penis and vagina, but for now she can’t pronounce it at all. I’m not a fan of cookie either, but I suppose it’s better than front butt! What was I thinking…

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  3. twomamasonebaby says:

    Front butt FTW!

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  4. The LadyKing says:

    Penis and vagina. We’re unoriginal.

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  5. One of the things I have taken to heart from a woman in our church who teaches sex ed to young children is to name body parts anatomically correctly. The reason that struck me was that pedophiles often use ‘cute’ names for body parts, so if you’re using correct terminology and your kids comes home saying ‘who who’ or whatever, it can be a flag to find out where they heard it and from whom.

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  6. DeCaf says:

    Submitted without comment:

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  7. Front butt! Ha ha. I think we’ll probably go with vulva, since it is more anatomically correct than vagina and I like the way vulva sounds better.

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  8. Becca says:

    Front butt is cute. I will use penis and vagina, but technically the visible genitals on a girl is the vulva not the vagina, but vulva always makes me think of Volvo, and nobody says vulva any way. I’m about to bring the whole mood down, but I used to be a child therapist for abuse victims, and the best sexual abuse prevention is to teach the proper names to reduce secrecy and shame about these parts of the body and to give the children the vocabulary to tell if something happened to them. I heard lots of silly names for privates. My favorite was “suzie.” (I’m sorry I had to go there, but I can’t turn it off after working in that field.)

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    • Lindsay says:

      That is why I decided to use the proper name for Evelyn. It’s a vulva (vagina is the inside part!), and it’s easy to say. I don’t like cutesie names for genitals.


  9. Lindsay says:

    We call it a vulva here. Evie has no trouble saying that. Eventually I’ll teach her all the different parts, but vulva is the easiest for a toddler, I think.

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  10. Front butt! HAHAHAH!!! We teach Mary the proper words, but we haven’t gotten their with the boys yet…we’ll probably go with vula or vagina…

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  11. kayrosey says:

    Well, I’ve been working on using vulva today. She’s very insistent that it is her ‘fruh buh’, but she will get it eventually.


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