I’m really in the thick of my last couple months of babysitting right now. Some days I’m just trying to get through the day and am counting the minutes for them to be picked up, and some days are really fun and we all part ways smiling and looking forward to seeing each other in the morning. Thankfully, we have more good days than bad, but this experience has really shown me that I absolutely do not want a big family, two kids will be more than enough for me. Well, hopefully there will be a second kid coming relatively soon. I had my first appointment with an RE earlier this week, it was quite anticlimactic but went well. I don’t really have any issues with getting pregnant, out of the 5 total tries for Ali and #two I had 2 chemicals and 1 successful pregnancy. With cost and timing being big factors now we are going to have a fully medicated and monitored cycle coming up at the end of the summer. Hopefully it works! 

Back to the babysitting, I think the biggest reason everything is going so well is because I have a teenage girl here helping me out. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having another pair of arms to hold the (cry)baby and another pair of eyes to watch the toddlers.  Without her I’m pretty sure I’d be drinking myself to sleep every night and hating everyone. All you stressed moms out there need to hire a teenager to help out, it’s awesome and they are cheap! I give my girl $20 a week for 3-4 full days of help.  

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7 Responses to Busybusybusy

  1. Go ALI!!! Her deep little voice! So cute! And YAY!!!! We might be preggers at the same time! That’s exciting stuff!!!


  2. Shannon says:

    Man you are lucky to find help for so cheap! That is what we pay a sitter for 2 hours around here.


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