Blame it on the rain

We have been doing our best to get out and have fun in between torrential downpours lately. My garden is loving all this rain, but my pool and my weekend plans and my weekday sanity are not liking it at all. 

I almost bored you with a giant paragraph about my fight with the pool’s chemistry and ph levels, but let’s just say there is lots of shaking my fist at the sky and apologizing to the red eyed swimmers.  

The garden though:  

 I can’t wait for all of the caprese salad and jars of salsa I’ll get out of these tomatoes! Canning season is almost upon us, and now that Ali takes awesome naps and can entertain herself for decent periods of time, I’ll be able to put up much more than last year’s pitiful attempt. Anyone out there have a canning recipe they would like to share? I’m always up for a small batch of something different. 

And now my small sunny reprieve is over, and it’s back to table top activities and too much tv for the kids… 

 I really need to restock my craft bin and go back to pinteresting the day away since it looks like this damn weather system is here to stay for another week or so…

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One Response to Blame it on the rain

  1. Lindsay says:

    I FEEL you on this freaking RAIN! I feel like it never, ever, EVER stops! And of course it always rains on the weekend when I can actually get out and enjoy. And don’t even get me started on entertaining a toddler on rainy days! I know you know what I’m talking about. But yeah – the gardens are lovin’ it!

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