Let’s complain about the weather again

We took Ali on her first camping trip this weekend. We were supposed to go a couple weeks ago, but bailed because the weather was supposed to be sucky (it ended up being perfect). For this trip, there were supposed to be some sprinkles overnight, that cleared up by morning.  

 Al was suited up and ready to rock those sprinkles!

We had a lovely evening full of roasted marshmallows and fireflies and wine, it was super fun. 

Then the sprinkles came. Then the sprinkles turned into a torrential downpour that lasted over 12 hours and brought 35mph winds and over 4 inches of rain. Somehow Ali slept through it all, and for some reason Jen and I chose to suffer through the night because we didn’t want to wake our tiny queen. I was pretty sure at different points in the night that we were going to blow away into a tornado like Dorothy, or be washed into the river on our air mattress.  

 But we survived, and now we have a good story for Ali’s first camping trip! And now I also have some leverage for when I start nagging Jen to get a pop up camper 😉


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