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Marking time

This was Ali a year ago:   Here she is now:   Crazy!  I have an acquaintance who always makes fun of the timehop app, she always has something snarky to say when someone posts from there. I don’t care though, it’s … Continue reading

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It’s the theme of my day. I already sometimes feel like my life is an endless cycle of putting food in one end of all the things who live here, then cleaning up what comes out of the other end … Continue reading

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  She stole the baby’s paci and swing, not sure why she’s clutching that green tomato.    Carpet muncher.   This look never gets old. 

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That magic moment

When all of the littles are asleep! Man I love this time of day… The little baby I watch is such a tiny dreamboat of a kid. She eats like a champ, is rarely fussy, and will fall asleep within … Continue reading

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All of a sudden

Something happened in the midst of the constant meltdowns and crazy no napping that’s been going on the last couple weeks. First of all, Ali and I totally had our first conversation! It was pretty rudimentary, but she listened to … Continue reading

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It’s good until it’s not

There have been so many wonderful parts of my short lived babysitting career. There are the obvious benefits of being able to stay home with Ali, and being able to take care of the household duties when precious things like … Continue reading

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