All of a sudden

Something happened in the midst of the constant meltdowns and crazy no napping that’s been going on the last couple weeks.

First of all, Ali and I totally had our first conversation! It was pretty rudimentary, but she listened to what I said, asked an appropriate question, then followed directions when I gave her a response. That was pretty cool…

Secondly, all of a sudden she can do shape sorters, puzzles, and sort colors like a boss. One day she spent the bulk of those activities eating the pieces or throwing them at the dog, the next day she was doing everything perfectly  over and over for long periods of time. So interesting. 

  I guess they decided to fish each other instead of the fish, silly kids. 

I thought the increase in language would help with the tantrums, but it hasn’t. They have just become about stranger things than they used to be about. I’m really starting to relate to those stupid sayings I used to roll my eyes at.  


 No alone time, ever!

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4 Responses to All of a sudden

  1. Haha, i like the last one. Sorry about your life 😦


  2. Shannon says:

    I LOVE the restaurant one. I can so relate.


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