It’s the theme of my day.

I already sometimes feel like my life is an endless cycle of putting food in one end of all the things who live here, then cleaning up what comes out of the other end a few hours later. 

Today 4 of the 5 children here have had some sort of poop emergency. An overflowed toilet here (how do I nicely tell a 9 year old that he really doesn’t need to use a half a roll of tp to wipe his ass?). A poop smearing session there (mean michelle surfaced for that one, little dude is almost 3, unacceptable at that age!). Then a floater in the pool from my little beast. And of course the baby blew out her onesie. 

Mommy needs some of  this action.

I’ll have to settle for some of this 🍷, since my wife works for the Feds and all…

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2 Responses to Poop

  1. Lindsay says:

    LOL my gawd. You definitely need a puff-puff or two. I don’t get the judgement over smoking weed. Alcohol is far more dangerous, I think!

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