The end

Friday was my last day babysitting! It was a little bittersweet, as endings tend to be, but we partied the day away so we were sure to leave each other on a high note. I pumped those kids full of greasy pizza and several different forms of sugar, take that parents who mask you sick kid’s fever with ibuprofin and bring them anyway! 


Just kidding, I’m not here to complain. I’m actually sitting here worrying about my little boo boos being dropped off to strangers tomorrow morning. A good part of each kid’s waking hours have been spent with me the last couple years (couple months for the baby), so it’s weird to say goodby one day and that’s pretty much it. 

One of my friends and her kids joined our party Friday, and she has one of those fancy life proof phone cases so we did get some awesome underwater pics in the pool:  

 My little fish.  

 Totally the best photo of the day! 

Ali and I celebrated our new found freedom by taking a little weekend trip to my hometown. She’s a little bit more interactive now that she sort of talks, and it was cool to take her a few places around town that I used to like when I was younger and talk to her about them. We hung out at my favorite coffee shop and had wonderful coffee/juice and the worst muffin of my life. Don’t you hate it when a baked good looks great, then you take a bite and it’s totally gross? Maybe it was gluten free or vegan or some shit and I didn’t see the sign. We also went to my favorite woods and took the world’s shortest hike. Ali absolutely refuses to be in a carrier, so I’m afraid my hiking days are on hold for a couple years while she gets bigger. Oh well, it was still pretty:  



 Jumping down the trail!

I intended on seeing my grandparents and maybe my sister while we were there. It’s always such a chore seeing family, Ali inevitably acts like a butt and then they feel like they need to give me “advice”. 

Thanks but no thanks on all that. 

I actually like advice, I even seek it out on occasion. I’m also totally open to constructive criticism and feedback from people who see Ali on a regular basis. I don’t accept advice from people who see her a couple hours, a couple times a year. Especially when that advice boils down to ‘she needs to be spanked’. 

So, if my dog pees on the floor, I should kick him? If Jen does something I don’t like, I should punch her in the face so she can learn to behave? Why do people think it’s ok to hit the smallest, most defenseless people they know? Anyway…

I made the executive decision to skip family and go to the root beer stand and the park before heading home.  

   Hot metal playground equipment from the 80’s for the win!

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6 Responses to The end

  1. I know I should not have but I lol’ day the punch Jen in the face comment.

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  2. Shannon says:

    The pictures of the woods are beautiful. Glad the two of your were able to get away.


  3. I would make you a gluten free muffin you would gush about for a week! That little hike looks beautiful. I’m trying to build up Wallace’s walking legs. He lets me carry him still but my body can’t handle it.
    PS- why am I only just now popping over to your blog? Sorry!

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