Potty training, level 2

This is officially the end of week 2 of potty training (3 day method my ass! I wanted to believe…). The first week was a total flop, but this second week has been so much better! I’m cautiously optimistic that she will be fully trained in the next week or two, with the exception of naps and nighttime. Right now I give her a bottle of water before sleeping (a bottle at 2! Don’t worry, I’m embarrassed about it), and I’m too lazy to phase that out. Plus I like my snuggle time with her, it’s about the only time she stops being a tornado and cuddles with me. 

The problem we are currently having is that if she has underwear on, she often pees in them. I think she thinks if she has bottoms on, it must be a diaper and she might as well go in them. So, she’s basically half naked at all times. We have braved a few diaper less outings over the last couple days, and have been on high alert for each toilet in the vicinity and ask her roughly 300 times if she has to go potty the whole time. She already thinks we are crazy 😉

  Her new look. Sparkly shoes, backpack, and no pants. She’s a trend setter. 

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4 Responses to Potty training, level 2

  1. I’m totally wearing just sparkly shoes and a backpack to work Monday.

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  2. kayrosey says:

    You could probably get away with in in your town 😉

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  3. bumbismom says:

    Oh my. I’m about to start this potty training biz too.

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