Ups and downs

This is our last week before Ali starts preschool and I start the nursing program! I’m soooo ready to not have a tiny person hanging off of me 24/7, especially on days like today where Miss Ali has been a bag of fits and has fought me tooth and nail all day. How dare I take her to the zoo after she asked to go, that’s such bullshit! How could I possibly expect her to eat noodles, her favorite food of all time! Why in the world do I keep taking her to the bathroom, why can’t I understand she likes to pee in her pants! 

Potty training will be the death of us all. Actually, aside from today, she’s been perfect for several days, no accidents at all. But today? Today is a bust. It’s such a bust that I broke another one of my “I would nevers”, and let her watch tv until she passed out for her nap. It’s currently 5:51p and she’s still sleeping, a total disaster that I will pay dearly for tonight, but oh well. Today is Jen’s long day at work, so reinforcements won’t be here until 8:30-9. Mommy needs this break. 

We did have a high point of the day though! We got to take Ali to her awesome new school to meet her teacher and check the place out. Jen and I have been a few times for informational nights and a tour and to drop off paperwork, but it was Ali’s first time there. It’s a small Montessori school, with a neat little ‘campus’ on 11 acres in the country where things like gardening and caring for chickens/ducks are part of the curriculum. She freaking loved it. Her teacher was so good with her, and all of the support staff were fawning over how cute and outgoing she was. She actually threw a medium-to-epic sized meltdown when it was time to leave because she wanted to stay. She spent the next couple hours saying, ‘school! Frog! School! Frog!’ (They have some fish and a frog as class pets.)  I think she is going to do just fine with being away from me, and seeing how much she liked it already made me feel good about sending her there. Next week I’ll probably she’d a few tears over it, this week I can’t wait for that break. 

Tears. I’m anticipating lots of them coming in the next few days, or will I have irritation/anger? I don’t know. I do know that tonight I start my first dose of femara to give me a little boost with ovulation. I’ve never taken anything that messes with my hormones before, never been on birth control or anything, and I’m a little nervous about what it’s going to do to me. I’m also a little nervous about possibly having a litter of children since I already ovulate fine on my own. Too late now! First pill is already down the hatch…

On another high note, we are going on one last camping adventure tomorrow, I’m so excited! We are staying on Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes State Park. I lovelovelove Lake Michigan and can’t wait to see Ali’s reaction to the big lake. I must say, after this summer I’ve really grown to appreciate the awesomeness of state parks. Pre kid, I always looked for the more secluded, out of the way camping experiences and poo poohed the close quarters and flush toilets at state campgrounds as not ‘authentic’ camping. Now I’m like, ‘they sell ice cream and got dogs at the beach!? Yes!! There is a playground in every corner!? Score!! Omg I can take a shower instead of rinsing off in the river?! Awesome!!’ My how times have changed…

I do totally plan on taking Ali and my litter of unborn babies on a sweet, rustic adventure at South Manitou Island in a few years. That place is heaven. 

And of course I can’t have a post without a pic, so here is my little monster in all her glory: 

 Being almost 2 is so so so hard. 

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5 Responses to Ups and downs

  1. DeCaf says:

    2 is a rough age. Congrats on the nursing program!


  2. We get a bad potty training day after a string of good ones too and Wallace is 6 months older and much more used to going on the potty… two days in a row without accidents so tomorrow will probably be crap.

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    • kayrosey says:

      She does great at home, pants less (she hasn’t mastered taking the pants off), mostly ok on short outings, but loves to pee in her car seat. It’s gross.


      • We’ve had a few car seat pees but hasn’t in a little while. So gross especially since they don’t make the things fully washable. I remind him a lot that he has underpants on and now that I stopped putting diapers on him at all during the day, it has gotten better.


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