One week down…

…and only 63 more weeks to go before I’m done with school! Wait, is it too early to be counting down? 

This last week left me with mixed feelings about it all. Part of me missed my girl, another part of me relished the time away and a tiny, secret part of me feels like those 20hrs a week is just a taste of ‘freedom’ and would like even more. Aside from all that, this first week reinforced that I’ve made the right career decision, I felt ridiculously happy delving back into anatomy/physiology and putting scrubs on and heading out to the hospital for clinicals. Ali, on the other hand, thinks is being apart is total bullshit. She loves playing with kids, and seems to like her teachers, but is seriously trying to crawl back into the womb when she gets home. I know she will get over it, but man is she always in my bubble! 

When she is not clutching me for dear life, she is often found doing some super duper cute stuff. Like looking for Ninja Turtles in every storm drain we pass: 

   Jumping off stones and climbing back up for long periods of time: 

 Having a moment with Tengku the orangutan: 

 (just a second before the pic, they both had their hands up to the glass, trying to touch them together.) And building complicated houses in the nude, or half nude if you will: 

 She is still pants less a lot of the time at home, but she almost never has accidents even with bottoms on! We cheat and use pull ups if finding a bathroom while out would be a pain in the ass, but mostly she goes in underwear! I’m proud of her! And myself for sticking to it. 


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2 Responses to One week down…

  1. Shannon says:

    The ninja turtle storm drain is hilarious! What makes it even funnier is Judge has taken to talking down the sink and shower drains hoping the ninja turtles can hear him.

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