Big kid

I’m really enjoying the ‘big girl’ times we are now in with Ali. No more diapers except a pull up at night/nap which makes my trash so much less gross and my bank account pretty happy. No more baby gates to deal with and no more giant contraptions clogging up our living spaces, it looks like actual adults live here again! There are only a few electronic toys still kicking around since she’s past the whole pushing buttons=make noise to learn cause and effect thing. Oh, and I now get to have my house plants back in their happy spots around the house and not all shoved in the one basement window that is too high for Ali to reach! We did lose a couple in the struggle, but that’s ok.

Ahh, I love big kid land…

I’ve also become much more secure in my parenting decisions and choices that we make. I used to do SO MUCH researching and fretting about this or that, and was always worrying that whatever undesirerable thing that was happening at the moment was because we were doing something wrong. Now I’m like, whatever! I do what I want! We let our kid eat sugary stuff all the time, there aren’t really any limits on screen time, we didn’t do extended breastfeeding or extended rear facing with the car seat, we cosleep we cried it out and I occasionally put  her puddle jumper on and literally throw her in the pool when she’s getting on my nerves. It works for us!   


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3 Responses to Big kid

  1. Shannon says:

    You have to do what works for you!


  2. You know, people give such a hard time about screen time, but the reality is that they really ARE learning! I remember when my niece was little, and she said, “Tia, if you have 2 strawberries and I have 3 strawberries, all together we have 5 STRAWBERRIES!” I asked how she knew that, and she replied, “I used my mighty math powers!” Team Umizoomi…who woulda thought…it’s not all bad stuff! So rock on!

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    • kayrosey says:

      I agree! Ali already know all of her colors and shapes, can recognize a lot of numbers and counts up to 10 and actually knows what it means. And her vocabulary! She says stuff like, ‘see the shiny red balloon mommy?’ Of course I don’t park her in front of the tv all day, but she watches a couple hours a day for sure.

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