The big 02

I can’t believe my girl is almost 2! We are having her party in just 10 short days, and I’m starting to have a tiny little freak out feeling about getting everything put together in time and the way I want it. Thankfully Ali has decided that she’s into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is an easy theme to work with since Disney/Mickey is so popular. It was just a short Pinterest session to find the perfect cupcake: 

 I kind of suck at fondant, so the bow and ears will be a little different, but I’m excited to see her face when she sees them! I’ll have some manlier, Mickey style ones for the dudes, but these are way cuter. Way to perpetuate gender stereotypes, right? 

Speaking of gender stuff…I dress Ali in all different styles and colors, usually focusing on comfort and match ability to everything since she likes to pick her own stuff out, but she just acquired her first frilly kind of dress recently. Omg she loves that stupid dress! The bottom part is just like a tutu, and the top part has a pic of a kitten in a crown. Of course someone told her she looks like a princess the first time she wore it out, so now she insists she’s a freaking princess. Sigh… So now I tell her, ‘yes, you are a princess, a warrior princess!’ #xena4eva

I thought it would take a little longer before princess culture invaded out lives, I was wrong. But I’m a supportive mommy so I ordered some Melissa and Doug tiaras for my pretty little princess to wear, since she obviously needs a crown to go with her tutus 😉 


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2 Responses to The big 02

  1. Shannon says:

    I can’t wait to see princess crown pictures!
    Before Summitt was born Corrie was in Costco and saw all these frilly tutu style dresses. She took a pictures and posted it on her facebook saying something to the tune of never will my daughter wear these. She was meaning we will not put them in those until SHE asks. You should have seen all the flake she got! People were mad she would deprive our daughter of frilly clothing.


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