Ali’s birthday is tomorrow, close enough to do one of those ‘look at what my cool kid is doing’ posts, right? Should we do bullet points? Why not, I think it’s been awhile since I’ve done the whole list post thing.

  • Language. Oh my god, she is talking up a storm! She uses several word sentences and everything. If she isn’t talking, then she’s singing, which is super cute. We just went through an intense couple weeks where she was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider morning noon and night, and I couldn’t figure out where she was learning it from. It was like this weird obsession where it was the first thing she would say in the morning, she would hum it to herself all day, and even thrash around and mumble it in her sleep! Turns out Ali’s  nana was teaching it to her on Wednesday afternoons while I was at class. I should have known, there’s nothing that little girl loves more than her precious nana! Everything she says or does is burned into her memory forever, it’s weird.  I hope nana uses that power for good and not evil…
  • Size. Ali is a giant. Her wellness check isn’t until next week, so I’m not sure what percentile she’s in, but she wears 3t clothing. I have to cuff the pants, and the booty is a little saggy with jeans, but 2t jeans are way too small. I don’t know where she gets it! I’m short, and I come from short people. So does her donor. Over the last couple days, she has recently started running into stuff and tripping over her feet kind of a lot, so I’m betting we are starting another growth spurt. Oh, and she’s eating SO MUCH this last week. For instance, she has been up for 2.5 hours and she’s eaten 2 bananas, half an apple, a bigger chunk of cheddar cheese than I would eat, an oversized oatmeal cookie, a fruit by the foot, a bowl of Cheerios, and 3 cups of Apple juice.  That’s good I guess, she can fill out those jeans a little better soon.
  • Cognitive. It amazes me how quickly she picks stuff up, she’s just a little sponge taking it all in. She has a decent attention span, and is able to make connections fairly easily. Basically she’s a genius just like me. (Jk šŸ˜œ) if we’re going to talk about specific, braggy stuff, she knows all of her shapes and colors, can count a little and recognizes numbers 1-5, can draw a circle, and can repeat any random fact her nana has told her. Most recently it was stuff about Quakers, because they were looking at the Quaker oatmeal box together. She’s also just starting to get into pretend play. It’s pretty simple at this point, she mostly just flies her helicopter around and makes her dinosaurs roar at each other, but it’s cool to see true pretend play start to emerge. Although it’s neat for me to watch, I suck at pretend play and I don’t enjoy participating in it even a little bit. Play picnics and tea parties and doll houses are my version of hell, so I’m afraid she will have to do those things with her friends or her other mom. It’s a good thing she has a back up mom for situations like this. 
  • Social. She likes to be around other kids, but I see a lot of awkward copying and following kids around kind like a weirdo when we are at playgrounds. Maybe that’s normal for her age? She kind of doesn’t fit in anywhere right now because she’s so much bigger and more physically advanced than kids her age that they can’t keep up with her or she runs right over them. But when she tries to play with kids her size, they think she’s weird because her language and interests are so far behind what they expect. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at her preschool to see how she interacts with kids she sees on a regular basis. Oh, I can’t wait for school conferences in a couple weeks! Im so curious about what she’s up to there. 
  • Emotional. She’s your average emotional wreck like most toddlers. She isn’t having the big screaming, angry meltdowns that she was having when she couldn’t communicate as well, but she has meltdowns that come from being sad or tired or hangry. We are having decent success with the whole getting down on her level and talking calmly with her thing, but there are still really difficult moments. I’m good with handling her tantrums probably 80% of the time, but sometimes I just can’t deal with it well. Usually it’s because I’m trying to get something done or I just want to zone out on fb and drink my coffee. Aside from toddler tantrums, Ali is a happy and affectionate kid most of the time. She loves to give hugs and kisses to her family members and all babies. It’s made for some interesting encounters at playgrounds when she’s slobbering all over someone else’s little baby, luckily most people think it’s cute, hehe. 

All in all, I’m loving this toddler thing, and I’m so proud of what a nice little girl Ali is turning out to be.  


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    1. Happy Birthday to your amazing little girl!

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    2. Caitlin says:

      I love that dress! And that happy smile!

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    3. Shannon says:

      So cute! That is one special little girl you have.
      Side note: I hate pretend play too! I can usually fake it for all of about 2 minutes then I have to let the other mom take over.

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    4. Kate says:

      That dress is so cute. Happy Birthday!

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    5. KA Doore says:

      So cute! Loved reading about all the changes. šŸ™‚ Happy birthday!

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    6. Wallace is often that weirdo at the playground staring at other kids and following them around. Totally normal! Lol

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    7. Happy Birthday Little Ms. Ali!


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