Today is one of those bad days. I got so (irrationally?) mad at Ali and her meltdown that ruined my walk in the woods that I ended up yelling and slamming doors and locking myself in the bedroom for a while. I totally had one of those passing moments where I wanted my old life back, the life where I took hikes on nice days, had beer whenever I wanted, and was way thinner and more popular. 

I’m over it now but dang, I can’t wait for this toddler crap to be over. I’ve got what, another year or so? I can do that…

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5 Responses to Today

  1. I’ve had those reactions and days. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

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  2. Shannon says:

    Oh man I hear you on this. I have been needing more and more mommy time outs lately. With 2 more kids in the mix now sometimes it makes me question life.

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