So tired…

I have to get Ali and I up and ready and out the door fairly early on Mondays, but it’s just a half day for us both. Tuesdays I have to be up butt early, like I have to actually be somewhere prepared to administer medications that could kill someone if I fuck it up, at 6am. Then Wednesdays are back to just getting us out the door fairly early again. Man am I tired! This former sahm is used to her relaxing mornings with cartoons and coffee! I know, all you working folks are like, cry me a river lady…

But enough about me, let’s talk about Ali! We had her first school conference yesterday, it was cute but sort of silly. I mean, she’s barely 2, I’m not expecting much besides socialization at this point. The teacher did confirm my suspicions that Ali is a genius, which made me feel pretty good. I guess she’s kind of quiet and shy at school, which surprises me since she is sooo outgoing at home or when we are out and about. I imagine she will warm up as the year goes on, and we are toying with the idea of having her go 5 half days instead of 3 which will give her more time with her peers. Plus, to bring it back to me and my problems, I would love more time for studying or for just not having a tiny person clinging on to me.  

 See, she literally sits on my head sometimes. I mostly love it, no one has ever loved me as much as she does, but I could totally use 6 more hours to myself a week. 

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2 Responses to So tired…

  1. “No one has ever loved me as much as she has” BAM! Straight to the momma heart. I so need some me time but it is amazing having this kid in my life/arms/bed/face/lap/save me now. I wish there was free head start for his age even though I don’t really like preschool.

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