So far

What we have learned so far:

  1. The whole lesbian thing is a MAJOR barrier to adoption, especially international adoption. Turns out pretty much all of the poorer, third world countries that do a lot of adopting out hate the gays. Looks like domestic adoption will be the way to go, and even with that a lot of the church run organizations hate the gays as well. 
  2. When you are a married, financially stable couple where one person is a social worker/therapist with an extensive background with MI people, and the other person is a teacher/nurse-to-be with an extensive background with CI people, the foster care worker will return you calls and emails with lightning speed. 
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11 Responses to So far

  1. KA Doore says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised there’s that much hate out there still. No way to pretend one of you is a single parent, right? 😉

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  2. DeCaf says:

    Yeah, that’s what we found too. International adoption is off the table for gay couples, despite what Modern Family shows. Also there are domestic adoption agencies that discriminate too. You may enjoy The Kid by Dan Savage.

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  3. We originally looked into international adoption too, I guess it shouldn’t come as such a big surprise, but I guess it was. I would think South Africa allows gays to adopt since gay rights is in their constitution, but again, I guess homophobic church organizations run the orphanages there too. We never fully looked into it though, since we couldn’t even find a organization in Canada that worked with South Africa, but if you’re American it might be something to look into if you haven’t already.

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  4. Caitlin says:

    Yes, we found that out about international adoption too. So disheartening. I know some couples pretend to be single parents, but that would be hard too. Especially if you file taxes jointly. I hope that domestic adoption goes smoothly for you!

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  5. It’s unfortunate that most countries do not allow gay couples to adopt. Many are also banning single parent adoptions. Then there are the countries where selling children has made it so international adoption is no longer allowed by the US. It’s all sad.


  6. I’m really excited to hear about this next journey.


  7. You hit the foster care nail on the head! When we did our initial intake, we told them that Callie was a director for an “Ivy League” daycare center for 14 years, and that I had worked childcare for 10+ years, and we dropped all the certifications we had, and BOOM! We got a call back within 2 days. Not only that, we were certified about 4 weeks after we finished our 10 week course and had our first placement within 2 weeks. It took us 6 months to do what it takes “normal” couples over a year to do! In fact, we had friends from our certification class that were still waiting for a placement 14 months after finishing their class!


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