Ali is such a butt in the mornings. I suppose she gets it from me, I like to be left the hell alone so I can drink my coffee and screw around on my phone for a good 30-60 minutes. Speaking of my caffeine addiction, that’s one thing that will be nice about not gestating our next child. I love coffee SO MUCH, sometimes I get really excited to go to bed because I know that in just a few short hours I get my creamy and delicious morning cup. It was hard for me to give it up before! I also love ibuprofen and beer, although they weren’t as hard for me to abstain from. I actually had my first drink of alcohol in about 3 months last night, that one little beer really got me going! Despite how these last few sentences sound, I’m not a lush at all, don’t worry. I started getting 2-3 day hangovers at around 30, so that put an end to my partying lifestyle. 

The partying lifestyle. I was up all night the other night worrying about our baby out there, wherever (s)he is. Someone, somewhere out there is carrying our baby, and I hope they aren’t pumping it full of drugs, pharmaceutical or street, or alcohol. I hope our baby isn’t listening to a bunch of yelling and screaming and being flooded with stress hormones. We are going to do the pre adoptive foster care thing, I’d like to get the baby as young as possible but we are willing to go up to a 1 year old. This means our kid will be coming from a situation where the parents rights were terminated at birth or shortly thereafter, and we all know what that means. We are totally, 100% ok with the baby having some issues, but we won’t get one with any extensive issues. Maybe sounds a little callous, but we want Ali to have a companion in life, not a burden she will have to take care of once we aren’t able to. 

But enough about that, how about some pictures? It’s such a beautiful weekend for fall festivities 🙂 


We may or may not have been lost in the corn maze…


Queen of the hill!


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5 Responses to Grump

  1. Lindsay says:

    I feel the same way about coffee! I go to bed looking forward to my morning brew! Are we ridiculous or what? lol

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  2. DeCaf says:

    Are you guys going for a private adoption? Or adoption from foster care? We were basically told of we wanted to adopt a baby from foster care we would either have to foster babies hoping one would become legally free or be open to a profoundly disabled child. I think in my state, parents who want to terminate their rights voluntarily of healthy children tend to work through private agencies. Every state is different.


    • kayrosey says:

      We will technically adopt from foster care, but will be in a pre adoptive program where the child will already be a ward of the state and will not be going back to a family member. The disabilities vary, but any kid that is in that situation is automatically labeled as special needs, and non white kids are also labeled as special needs. Our tentative plan is to get certified as foster parents, and do respite to establish a reputation with the agency we are working with. Our wait time on getting a kid will depend on how flexible we are with age and gender, for instance the social worker says there are currently several 9-12 month old babies in foster care currently waiting on adoptive homes, but I don’t know what kind of issues they have.


  3. That’s how I feel about my tea. It is such a crucial part of my morning, and I often look forward to it when I go to bed. I used to drink it and read, but now the baby usually wants us to make faces at each other, so I guess that’s the new routine. As long as I get my earl grey, it is all okay.

    What a strange thought that a child that is destined to be yours is already alive (or in utero) out there somewhere. Pretty exciting! Sounds like you guys have a great handle on how the system works.

    Also – Ali is so darn cute in her Halloween outfit!

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