Sometimes snack time around here consists of 2-3 licks from every dum-dum sucker in the house,and sometimes snack consists of a pecan/dried cherry/goldfish mix, it’s all about keeping a balance. Luckily Ali tends to be a good eater and enjoys the healthy stuff, but she’s more picky now than she ever has been before. I don’t even know if picky is the right word, it’s more like her appetite ebbs and flows which is kind of new. She will go a day or two with refusing pretty much everything I give her, then she will go a day or two with eating nearly adult sized portions of her meals plus a few snacks. I guess that’s normal, so I try not to worry about it much. I did end up getting a few the Bolthouse protein and smoothie drinks to give her on her non eating days, they seem to cut down on the crazed, hangry behavior she has when she’s fasting, or whatever you want to call it when she’s not eating. 

Speaking of food, I tried all new dinner recipes last week, I was really living on the edge! There were some winners, and some losers, but one recipe actually made it into my special recipe book. (Because I’m now like 800 years old and I do things like keep a hand written recipe book, and feel like I’m really lighting the town on fire with my one beer). Anyway, this lasagna is wonderful, and will help you put on a few pounds for that cold winter weather that’s coming up soon 😉

Just in case you missed this gem on the FB, here it is again:  

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6 Responses to Balance

  1. Lindsay says:

    Evelyn does the ebb & flow thing with food. One day she’ll eat and eat and eat and then others, she refuses almost everything. Just never know what you’re gonna get with a toddler!

    That dancing video made me smile – she’s so cute, she’s got the rhythm! Is that the dog scratching at the door to get in? LOL dogs are all the same that way!

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    • kayrosey says:

      Toddlers are a mess! But those moments like that where she’s dancing make it bearable 🙂
      Yes, that’s Bear milling around back there either searching for food or trying to get outside, who knows…

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  2. That video is awesome! She’s so into it, what a cutie.

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  3. Caitlin says:

    Yassss! Dancing Queen! I love it!

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  4. Shannon says:

    Oh getting my children to eat is my nightmare! Judge basically refuses to eat. We have to practically beg him to take every single bite. Out of 4 kids I just pray 1 of them is a good eater.

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