She’s a kiss kiss fish

Ali is once again proving to me that she has her own agenda for this whole growing up thing, and all my ‘this is what we are going to do’ and ‘I would nevers’ are falling flat again. You would think I would be used to it by now, but it still takes me by surprise…

Our current situation is all about the forced affection thing. I am totally on board with teaching and enforcing manners, she is expected to say please and thank you, to greet people and to say goodbye. That’s been easy since Jen and I have never lost the being polite to each other thing. (It’s one of the reasons I knew our relationship would last, those small things are important to me. I would like a little of the new relationship mystery back though, I’d like all the farting and pooping and nose picking to go back to being secret, private things. Ahh, marriage…)

Of course we hug and kiss on Ali all the time, we are an affectionate family, and she has always been eager to hug her nana and papa. But now? Now Ali has decided she is a kiss kiss fish and wants to kiss every adult in a 5 mile radius. Repeatedly. On the lips. And she doesn’t take no for an answer. It’s so weird. She will even wake up in the night and just want a few kisses, then goes back to sleep. Right now it’s still sort of cute, and she doesn’t do it with her peers, but I’m afraid we are going to have to start enforcing boundaries so she’s not a weirdo. Totally the opposite of what I thought would happen! 

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5 Responses to She’s a kiss kiss fish

  1. Lindsay says:

    LOL – that’s funny and cute! Well, i suppose it is less funny to you! I hope it’s a short-lived phase.

    That book is one of Evelyn’s favourites.

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  2. Ah yes, boundaries. Never too young to teach them to ask before touching, especially hugs and kisses. We are working on the asking to hug thing. I also never make him hug someone but ask if he would like to and he has started initiating hugs and goodbyes with people.

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  3. Shannon says:

    When I picked Judge up at daycare last week they told me him and another child were touching tongues! We had to have a talk with him about keeping his mouth away from friends at school because he could get germs that way. He seemed to get it so hopefully his phase is OVER.
    I also though think kids at that age just generally tend to be affectionate. Almost everyday when its time to leave daycare everyone wants to hug each other. It is sort of cute if it is just hugs.


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