I’m just gonna say it…

I love daylight savings time! At least this particular one. We have been half ass working on nudging nap time and bed time to be earlier, since Ali needs kind of a long time to get her crap together in the morning. She’s turned out to be a pretty good sleeper, she wants to go 12 hrs at night, but she wants to sleep from 9p-9a which obviously doesn’t work during the week. Now spring forward? Then I will be complaing up a storm about the time change…

Halloween! It was great! This was the first holiday where Ali really understood what was going on and was able to get into it. Trick or treating was all of Ali’s favorite things in the world rolled up into one event: dressing up, running around with kids, candy!, and going to all the neighbor’s houses. She INSISTED on riding this stupid motorcycle thing from house to house, while singing the Paw Patrol theme song as loud as she could. Then she would hop off her motorcycle and ‘fly’ (she was Super Ali) up to the house to get candy. I didn’t get a good picture of all of this because I was laughing too hard, but she looked something like this, with more pink and purple: 

 The neighbors thought she was hilarious. 

Speaking of my neighborhood, have I told you how much I love it here? People don’t generally move out of the neighborhood until their kids are grown and they want to downsize, so everyone kind of knows everyone else which is pretty cool. Ali got a couple home made things which I totally feel ok about her eating, and one house was giving out cups of hot buttered rum for the parents, which I was more than happy to take part in 😉

 I love that Ali will grow up here where she will be safe enough to roam around the neighborhood with her friends without me or another parent watching over them. I can’t wait for all the Christmas cookie swaps and summer barbecues here now that we are out and about and getting to know people since Ali is older. 

Now that I’m done gushing about my ‘hood, let’s talk about the trick or treating aftermath where differing parenting stuff popped up for pretty much the first time. 

One of my school buddies and her son came over to trick or treat with us, and this was the first time we have hung out outside of school. Everything was great, we all had a lot of fun laughing at the kids, and the kids totally hit it off too. When we came home, they hung out for a little bit while the adults had a glass of wine, it was really nice. I wasn’t really paying attention to what everyone was doing, I was just drinking my wine and opening candy for Ali when she brought it to me. For Ali, yesterday was a serious candy binge, she tore it up and I let her. As you know, I’m not really strict with food, she eats sweets all the time. Most of those sweets are baked goods that I make, we don’t generally have candy/ice cream/pop/little Debbie kinds of things in the house because I don’t like them. But yesterday I think all she ate was twizzlers and chocolate. So as I was opening up the 100th piece of candy for her, I noticed my friend’s kid was whispering to his mom that he wanted some, and she whispered back that he couldn’t. Omg! I felt like such an asshole for not noticing that they actually restrict sugar, and for letting Ali go to town in front of him! Of course I put her candy up, and she had a little meltdown, but she got over it and everything went back to being awesome. Man, I wish I would have noticed or asked or she had said something sooner, but oh well. 

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