Dang vending machines

my posts have been too positive, I need to do a little complaining. 

You know what’s ruining my life right now? Those motherfuckinggoddamn quarter vending machines that are literally everywhere you go. You probably don’t even really notice them, but there they are in every entrance to every public place in the whole world. And some places have even upped the ante and put in little games or that claw thing where you try to grab some shitty stuffed toy. Why? Why is that there? I’m at the grocery store, not the arcade! Of course my crazy kid is OBSESSED with them, and has a full on meltdown in front of them, screaming that she needs money. 

So the real question is, WHO CREATED THIS MONSTER?! It was not me, I can tell you that. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, you can’t do anything different/nice with Ali unless you are willing to do it always and forever, or suffer the consequences. Obviously I’m blaming Jen, although hissing, ‘This is all your fault!’ at her while we run out of the store with a screaming and kicking kid held upside down because that’s just how it worked out as she was flailing probably wasn’t the best way to approach it. To be fair, there is a chance that Ali learned of the evil quarter machines somewhere else. Like, you know, that secret midnight toddler conference call Ali sometimes attends where she learns all the best ways to annoy the crap out of me. 

I suppose this too shall pass, as all things with kids do. Until then I’m just going to carry quarters for when I’m too tired to fight the good fight, and enjoy my mike and ikes in the process 😉

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7 Responses to Dang vending machines

  1. Lindsay says:

    LOL – toddlers are really something else, eh? I think those machines are an American thing. I mean, they have them some places here, but not that many. But when I go home to PA to visit, they’re EVERYWHERE!

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  2. Shannon says:

    Oh do not forget those ridiculous ride on toys that take money! We have one outside our favorite Mexican restaurant and that is our bribe to get Judge to finish dinner. The things we do to keep our kids calm…ha!

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  3. Agh I hate those! The toys in them are cheap crap that probably have lead and other things in them. The kids I nannied in Chicago were obsessed with them because their mom used bribes and lies to get them to do what she wanted all the time. They had no decent toys because she only bought dollar store crap and then let them destroy it. I never did buy them any quarter machine things or bribe them with money or crap. I am dreading when someone shows them to Wallace…

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    • kayrosey says:

      I forget how different I am about toys until I visit other people with kids, the pile of broken plastic junk toys always bothers me.
      Don’t let my wife near Wallace, she will ruin him in an instant! 😉


      • I have mostly worked for families who valued decent quality and often educational toys and taught their kids to help clean up and take care of things. That family was the exception and it drove me nuts! I am anything but well off so a lot of his toys have been gifts, hand me downs, and garage sales. There is more plastic than I would like but I took the batteries out of any toy that it wasn’t crucial to its function.

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