Overthrowing the Queen

When Ali was about a month or two, she earned her nickname, Queen.

It all started with a cake I decided to bake in my haze of exhaustion and nipple pain. This was no Duncan Hines boxed cake, this was a complicated Martha Stewart beauty with home made lemon curd and buttercream and actual vanilla bean pods, it was incredible. Right as I was finishing my signature buttercream swirl, I looked over at my baby sitting in her bouncy seat on the counter, and I could just tell by the glint in her eyes that it was boob-thirty and she was going to start screaming any minute. I said,”look at her sitting there like a mean little queen, waiting to ruin our cake!”  

 Jen laughed really hard, and she became the tiny queen from then on. 

After a while, she changed from tiny queen to booty queen, because this:  

 All that action in the back melted away when she started running around, so she went back to plain old queen, ordering us around and ruling the house as usual.  

 Jen and I have recently decided that it’s time to overthrow out queen, she’s old enough now that some of her undesirable behavior has gone from being normal baby stinkeryness to kind of bratty little kid, and we can’t have that. 

It’s hard! It kills me a little when I get firm with her and she looks up at me with those big brown eyes welling up with tears, or I send her to her room and I can hear her crying and saying, “mommymommymommy.” I’m standing strong though and not going back to being super lenient, I just hope this battle of the wills between us doesn’t last long because I hate it. 

For the fun side of this big kid stuff, Ali said her first super cute thing today. She took the peel off a banana, handed it to me and said, “I took banana clothes off mommy!”  There have been a few other little things, like she calls pockets ‘tunnels’, and calls graham crackers ‘cracker bunnies’, but this is her first silly sentence. 

The foster care thing is moving along pretty smoothly. If all goes well we will be all certified and ready for a placement by Christmas! Crazy to think how soon that is. At our training this week, which broke my heart a little and made me want to foster as many as we can shove into our house, we learned that they are having a hard time placing infants which is terrible for the babies but will mean our wait time will most likely be short. I guess on that day alone they had 6 placements under 5 years old, with one being 24 hrs old and one being 21 days old. So sad! It does make me feel like this is the right path for us to have more kids though. I get occasional waves of sadness that I’ll never experience the pregnancy and birth thing again, but then I think of all these babies people are just throwing away and I know that small part of having children doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of raising a child. 

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9 Responses to Overthrowing the Queen

  1. You know, in our county they are having a ridiculously hard time placing infants as well! People want kids 2 and up! And unfortunately they won’t place an infant with us, because our county has a rule that you can’t h ave more than 2 under 2, so we kind of meet that quota! LOL! BUt infants are more likely to get adopted because lots of times the parents are repeat offenders, which is really sad. I’m excited for oyu guys! Hope it all works out!

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    • kayrosey says:

      I guess no one wants to deal with paying for formula and childcare, so the littlest are just hanging out in limbo. The social workers are shuffling them around to whoever will take them for a week or two here and there, it’s unimaginable to me.


      • That’s terribly sad. A lot of people don’t know (in case you get an infant) you immediately qualify for WIC. You don’t have to give them any financial paperwork or anything. Just the Placement Letter from your Caseworker! We did it for all of the kids that we have fostered under the age of 5. Technically, the money that you get from fostering isn’t considered “income”, so according to the WIC rules, you have a child under 5 and no real funds for them…so make sure you do that. Formula is expensive!


      • kayrosey says:

        Unfortunately it’s not the same in Indiana, they still look at your income and there’s no way we would qualify based on that. The per diem stipend comes out to roughly $600 a month, which will cover formula and diapers and a little bit of childcare. Luckily we don’t need much childcare, just one or maybe two days a week.


  2. Lindsay says:

    I cannot believe they have a hard time placing infants! I hope to become a foster mom to an infant when Evelyn is a little older (right now I cannot handle more than one on my own), so that is encouraging to hear. But absolutely gut-wrenching for the babies without anywhere to go.

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  3. The infant thing is how it is here, too. It’s because (here at least) they offer no help with childcare so while you get $600 something a month for fostering I think we all know that doesn’t cover childcare. Working parents can’t cover the costs. 😦

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