It’s been a nice break

I’ve had the whole week off from school, it’s been so nice to sleep in and take the days slowly again, but I’m ready to go back and finish out my semester! One (almost) down, three to go…

Thanksgiving was a success despite my slightly dry turkey. There weren’t many leftovers, and my face was sore from laughing so much, I call that a win.  

At least it was a pretty turkey!

The star of the show ended up being this chocolate cream pie I made for dessert. Although I have a strong love for pumpkin pie, it doesn’t even come close to the chocolate heaven of that pie. I think it was Ali’s favorite dish as well. She ate a giant piece, then proceeded to do this for about an hour straight:  

 Gotta love the sugar highs ๐Ÿ˜

In other Ali news, the discipline approach is totally working. She’s still very much a 2 year old, is still a daredevil and willful and throws epic tantrums when things don’t go the way she wants, or if she skips nap, but she listens and obeys most of the time now. (I’m sure all you hippies are gasping at the word ‘obey’, but how else should I put it?) Speaking of hippie stuff, Ali’s winter skin problems are starting to flare up so it’s time for me to make her special winter lotion. She gets these awful, eczema like patches on her shoulders and upper back every winter, they look horrible and must be uncomfortable. Once they start, we have to slather her in hydrocortisone a few times a day to get it to go away, then we can maintain with a combo of reduced dairy, home made laundry soap, and lotion I make from coconut oil/shae butter/aloe gel. I would turn into a giant, greasy pimple if I used the stuff, but it works well for my girl. Poor little thing, I actually forgot about her skin problems until I saw her patches today while getting her dressed. I wish I would have noticed it before the sores popped up, but she’s always so battered and bruised from constantly ramming around that it sort of blended in. 

Nothing new is going on with the foster care thing, we are just clicking along, getting the paperwork wrapped up. Our first home visit is in a few days, so that’s pretty exciting. The nursery is almost done, I’m doing this alphabet thing I saw on Pinterest and I have about 10 letters left to buy. This is my inspiration: 

 I think I’m going to have the best luck at the dreaded Hobby Lobby. Darn bigots, making me feel guilty when I shop there. Maybe I should make it a day and enjoy a nice chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A while I’m at it. 


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7 Responses to It’s been a nice break

  1. Your thanksgiving spread looks great! Do you think dairy is a main cause for her eczema? I am going to be making an appointment for Wallace to get allergy testing. His eczema has flaired up so bad. I have started oatmeal baths and he plays in a rubbermade tub instead of the actual tub that has residue from all my dad’s chemically crap. I use coconut oil, a healing salve a friend makes, and a tallow cream she does too. I think there has to be an underlying cause I haven’t found.


    • kayrosey says:

      She has always had issues with dairy, it’s common for non Caucasian people since they didn’t spend the last few thousand years domesticating large animals-drinking their milk. But yes, she only gets milk in cereal at school, so will cut that out and it will help. Cheese we just live with since she loves it so much, and the effects aren’t as bad. Hydrocortisone is the only thing that actually clears her problems up though, so we use it liberally when she needs it. With W, it could possibly be something he is eating, but eczema is an immune system disorder so it could just be the way he is, but medicated lotions will take care of it quickly. You could clear it up, and try some elimination with food to see if it helps.


      • I won’t use steroid creams without ruling out other things. Dairy intolerace is actually really common with all people. And yes, it is a sign of the immune system having issues but there are so many possibilities. I have chemical sensitivities and so does he so it has helped a bit to watch for those triggers. I have Celiac and possibly another AI disorder so I’m familiar with all this.


    • And I feel the same about hobby lobby. I prefer to not go there but I had to because JoAnn’s couldn’t find the 29 yards of Velcro they supposedly had.


  2. JFulbright7987 says:

    Haha! Love the letters! J and I are at odds over Chick Fil A. She refuses to spend money there, but sometimes I really want one of their yummy chicken sandwiches….what’s a girl to do? ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Shannon says:

    So funny because I feel that way about Hobby Lobby but it is wife’s heaven. She is the crafty one. Super cute nursery inspiration though!

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