Is it over yet?

Omg, Ali has been totally off the chain lately! Seems like everyone else I knows kids are insane right now too, the stars must be aligned all wrong or something…(I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be some sort of apostrophe action in the ‘else I knows kids’ section up there. A little help grammar nazis?)

So much whining, so much crying, so much insisting on these weird things like constantly wanting to dig through the kitchen cupboards.   

 As you can see, I’ve lost control. 

What I think is happening is she’s having one of those dreaded cognitive leaps/growth spurts. I really hate those fuckers. Seasoned parents, when does it end!? Anyway, over the last couple weeks as the horribleness has ramped up, I’ve also noticed her sentences becoming more complex. I almost died when she said,”I love you mommy, you my friend” the other day. I almost died in a totally different way when I caught her getting into an unapproved bathroom drawer and she tried to slam the door on me while saying,” bye mommy, shoo shoo!” We are in so much trouble over here. 

We did have a win today though. We often eat out on Thursdays because it’s my late night at class and cooking isn’t in Jen’s skill set. For once, we decided to not grit our teeth and suffer through the horror of taking Al to a restaurant and we got Chinese food and had a pleasant dinner at home. Then we drove through the Fantasy of Lights thing they have at a local park while listening to Christmas music. It was our first pleasant evening in a while, hopefully it’s just the beginning…

We had our first home visit today, that was pretty cool. Our caseworker seemed really nice, and she loved our house. Of course Ali had a giant meltdown because she wanted to eat an entire bottle of vitamins, which prompted a discussion on our discipline techniques. Although it was a little embarrassing, it probably wasn’t a bad thing for her to see that we can handle things without totally loosing our cool. I am hoping the universe sends us a mild mannered, more docile kid than Miss A, but then I’d probably think something was wrong with it! The worker did ask us several times how we felt about taking a kid who doesn’t speak English, and asked several times how we feel about a Burmese baby in particular There are tons of Burmese here. Catholic charities brought them over maybe 15-20 years ago and just dumped them off and that was that. It’s made for some seriously fantastic Thai/Burmese restaurants around town, but some serious social issues that come up when a large group of people from a very different culture have very little realistic opportunities to assimilate and get out of poverty. Gangs and drugs, which tend to result in children being removed. Bad for them, good for me, I guess? It’s a sad thing to think about. That’s sort of a depressing thing to end on, so here is a pic of my girl ‘playing’ parcheesi: 

 and here’s an old one fro her cowboy era: 

and here is one of her trying to ride the dog: 



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2 Responses to Is it over yet?

  1. Lindsay says:

    Geez, I can’t believe Catholic charities brought a large group of people here and then just kind of dumped them, expecting them to make their own way. That’s actually really sad! A small child who doesn’t speak English could very quickly learn it living in your home, I would imagine.

    PS – Evelyn also loves/lives for digging in the kitchen cupboards.

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    • kayrosey says:

      They had literally a 30 day plan with them, then they were more or less on their own. My wife and most of her friends are social workers, so have had a lot of contact/experience with their issues-needs.
      It might be an excuse to learn a bit of another language, I’d love that!

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