I told you so.

I’ll say it here since I can’t say it in real life. 

Taking Ali Christmas shopping at Kohls on a Saturday in December is a bad idea, I said. You know how she’s been lately, I said. We can do it if you really want, I said, with one raised eyebrow and the tone of voice that meant we shouldn’t do it. 

Surprise surprise! She acted like a wild animal and had to be carried out bucking and screaming at the top of her lungs and wrestled into her car seat. 

I don’t know why this particular time has Jen so upset, now she’s saying she thinks we are crappy parents whose kid is horrible and out of control. But we’re not crappy parents, we are just the parents Ali needs. We can’t be on her all the time, it’s not fair to her. 

She’s the kind of kid that needs to stand/bounce in her seat while eating. She’s the kind of kid that needs to literally run laps around the house a few times a day to get her energy out. She’s the kind of kid who can spend an hour climbing up on something and jumping off of it. She’s also the kind of kid who throws herself into your arms and covers you in kisses every day. She’s the kind of kid who drags you off the couch to dance with her. She’s not the kind of kid who will walk through a crowded store without wanting to touch everything then stand in a hellishly long line waiting patiently. 

She needs to be able to explore her environment and run around or she just won’t do well. As frustrating and annoying as that is, it’s just where she’s at right now. It will change soon, but for now I like to keep the situations I know are going to suck to a minimum. The grocery store? A necessary evil. Restaurants? Let’s do it, but not at busy times. Christmas shopping? Nope.  


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7 Responses to I told you so.

  1. Lindsay says:

    She’s so cute, I love that picture of her! You can definitely say “I told ya so….”at least here on the blog!

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  2. She sounds a lot like the kind of kid I have right now. He spent thirty minutes climbing onto and jumping off of a chair just because he can and he skipped his nap.

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    • kayrosey says:

      Yep, sounds like my girl. It’s totally fine with me 99% of the time, but that 1% where I need to to chill the eff out and be ‘normal’ really is hard.


      • He’s getting more energetic and wild lately. He still usually does okay at stores or restaurents because he is a bit intimidated by other people and places. It’s at home or work that he acts out and gets wound up the most. This cold weather isn’t helping.

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      • kayrosey says:

        I feel ya. It’s been unseasonably warm here, but still too cold to be outside all the time like summer.
        Ali is kind of the opposite, she’s worse out than at home, but is in a particularly trying phase in general. Probably has something to do with me being super busy with end of semester stuff and not paying attention to her, but who knows.


      • I think it’s a pretty normal phase for them. It isn’t a sign of bad parenting. Every toddler I have known goes through this to some degree. We’ve been trying to get out for walks but it’s either too cold or too wet to let him just play in the backyard.


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