The other side

I think we are finally through our latest sucky phase with Ali, jeez this was a long one! Things are a little bit different now that the dust has settled. She’s now all the way verbal, full appropriate sentences and a true back and forth dialogue. This brings higher expectations from us since now there’s no waffling about whether bad behavior is defiance of the rules or not really understanding what we are telling her we want from her. Of course it’s been obvious she understands words, mostly nouns and simple conversational phrases since she was about 1, but talking about behavior and expectations can be kind of abstract for a little one. With this also comes a need for Jen and I to really be conscious of our conversations around her. We have gotten good at not swearing unless mommy has had a few glasses of wine, then the swears come out, but we need to monitor what we are actually talking about. For instance, my father in law had surgery last weekend. Nothing super major but it took him about 24 hrs to fully recover from the anesthetic which was unexpected since it was out patient, and we were worried and talking about it in front of Ali. Omg. She’s been so worried about her papa ever since, has to call him and talk to him at least once a day, and probably won’t let it go until she sees him this weekend. There have been other, more subtle things when we talk about her or the foster stuff, but the papa situation made it hit home for us. So yeah, this is a whole new era for us, once we adjust I think I’m going to love it. 

Sleep is the other change. She’s been a champion sleeper for so so long, so these last couple weeks of skipping naps have been difficult for us all. It means I don’t get a break so I’m kind of bitchy, and she is almost guaranteed to be a mess for the last couple hours before bed. Thankfully she’s back on the sleep train! It’s just shorter, which is ok. Now we aim for a solid 2 hrs and are happy with 1.5. She picked probably the worst time ever for this little bump in the road since I’ve been super busy with wrapping up my semester, but now it’s over and finals are next week so that’s almost over too, happy times!

You know what else is over? Those dang trainings for the foster care license. Now it’s just one more home visit in the next week or so, and waiting for a placement after that. I kind of feel like everything is moving too fast right now, and I’m starting to freak out about adding another kid or two to the mix, but that’s normal, right? We like to just keep making big life changes over here, it’s how we roll. We have had a wedding, had a baby, bought a new house, both made major career changes, and now on to more kids. I can’t wait for our big stuff to be things like awesome new furniture or cool vacations or something equally mundane. 

And because it’s not a post without photos, here’s a pic of my cat: 

 that old guy has been hanging around so long I forgot how old he is. Isn’t that terrible? 

 look at this damn flower blooming under my porch! It must have fallen through the cracks or something when I took my summer flowers out of my pots and put mums in. I’m totally not feeling this weather, it’s been in the 50s and is supposed to get close to 70 this weekend. Nature is going to have to get her shit together so I can have a white Christmas. I live in the Midwest, downwind from a Great Lake, snow is what I get this time of year. Not flowers.  

 And here’s my cute kid. She’s amazing. 

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5 Responses to The other side

  1. I’m so excited to hear about all the things you can do now without her being an over the top drama queen.

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  2. JFulbright7987 says:

    J and I love about 6 hours from you. We are hating this weather too! Bring on the cold! It cannot be 70 degrees at Christmas. 🎅🏻

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  3. Wheh, glad you made it through that one! Why do they pick the end of the semester to screw with their naps? Mine will now only nap in the car and I didn’t fall asleep yesterday when I tried to drive him for a nap so I could get student loan stuff done. It does feel like your foster care stuff has moved really fast but I’ve only gotten glimpses of it.

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    • kayrosey says:

      We have only been at it for about 6 weeks, so it’s moved incredibly fast. It used to take about 6 months to be certified, but the state has changed the process because the need is so great.


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