I finally get to do this kind of post!

So, here is my first post about all the cute things Ali says now. It’s not very extensive yet since she’s still pretty new at this verbal thing, but I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far. 

  1. She named our elf on the shelf Christmas Boy, so every morning she runs around trying to find where Christmas Boy is hiding, and has him eat breakfast with her. Our elf pretty much just does hide and seek, which is more than I thought she would understand. I’m not sure how we will handle his role in future years, but I suspect he will just hide or have shenanigans and we will skip the whole he’s watching you thing. 
  2. The other day at her grandparent’s house, she had a cookie in one hand and a piece of bologne in the other. Naturally she knows the word for cookie, but I’ve never given her Bologna before, so was asking what it was. She decided to call it a meat cookie, I’m assuming because it’s round, so meat cookie it is now! 
  3. Ali has this toy cup for the bath that has a handle on it. Every night during bath she pretends to drink from it and says, “I has cossee wit mommy!” Someday you will baby, you come from a long line of avid coffee drinkers…
  4. When I picked her up from school, we walked outside into the sunny, warm December weather (dude! This weather!?!), and I said, “doesn’t the sun feel good on your skin?” She turned her face up to the sky and started giggling and said, “sun tickles my eyes!”  She started dancing and giggling in the middle of the parking lot while staring into the sun. Weirdo. 

That’s all I can remember right now, but I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂

  That stuffed panda there is Ali’s first ever comfort item besides boobs and mommies. His name is Nervous Panda because Jen likes to hold him up to her face and follow Ali around and pretend like the panda is narrating every terrible thing that could possibly go wrong. You know, stuff like falling or getting into trouble or whatever. It’s pretty funny to Al and I, but I suspect it’s a strange outlet for my poor wife’s neurotic tendencies, she worries up a storm all the time. 

 We went to our first school night last week, it was fun! The theme was science night, so all the classrooms had displays and food related to different topics. It was nice to chat with all of the teachers and meet some of Ali’s classmates. Seeing everyone in action really reinforced to me how much I love her school, I really couldn’t be more pleased with the staff and the atmosphere there. 

In other news, I’m done with my first semester of nursing school! Woohoo! And I’m pretty sure I passed all of my classes! School has always come easy for me so it was quite the shocker when I bombed the first round of tests. Anyway, I pulled some Bs out of my ass and didn’t kill anyone in my clinicals, I call that a successful semester!

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5 Responses to I finally get to do this kind of post!

  1. Meat cookie!!! That made me laugh out loud. That kid of yours is all kinds of cute. (And your wife – aka Nervous Panda – sounds pretty endearing as well.)

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  2. Lindsay says:

    Meat cookie! That’s hilarious. She’s so precious. Congrats on being finished with your first semester! Well done.

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  3. bumbismom says:

    So cute- the sun tickles my eyes. 🙂

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