Whew, we are in the home stretch for this holiday madness. Just a couple obligatory hours at at a family thing on Sunday, and a quick trip to my hometown next weekend to see everyone. I’m loving it because Ali is so excited for everything, but the long hours with extended family can be hard. 

We started our holiday fun with a spur of the moment trip to the Great Wolf Lodge with one of my class mates. Her friend she was going with cancelled a few days before they were supposed to go, so she invited us. It was quite risky for me to spend 3 hours in the car one way, then stay in a hotel room with someone I barely know, it’s so very far outside of my comfort zone. Luckily, it was totally fun! Our kids got along great, we all sang Christmas songs in the car and thankfully not one of us can carry a tune, and we drank sparkling wine in our bathing suits in a fog of chlorine and it was only a little weird. 

The best story from that trip actually happened after it was over. We had to stop at the in laws on the way home to pick up our dogs, and we all went inside for a bathroom break and a snack. My friend’s son is apparently a total city kid, since he was convinced the rooster crowing was a tiger. Of course we had to go check out the chickens, and he got to collect an egg from one of the nests, and we wrapped it up and sent it home with him. I thought he would think it was cool to eat a fresh egg, boy was I wrong. That is his baby chicken and he is totally convinced that he is going to hatch the damn thing and have it as his pet. Hehe, my friend is really having problems with him carting it around everywhere. Kids… 

 Mean Old Ralph the Rooster and a couple of his lady friends. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with the in laws and the cousins. I’d rather spend the night at home and do our own thing Christmas morning since the cousins are…difficult. So much chaos and screaming, not a thank you to be heard, whining and moaning about not getting enough presents. It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut. But, it’s important to Jen, so I’ll fight the Christmas-morning-on-our-own battle in a couple years when Ali is more affected by their behavior. There is a chance that it won’t be a battle though. Jen doesn’t like it either, I can tell, even though she won’t admit it yet. 

Despite all that, we had a lovely time watching Ali play with her new toys. We also had a lovely time enjoying this crazy warm weather and hanging out in the woods for a bit.  


It’s good to be home now. We had a blessing/curse of a 5p-8:30p nap, so we could unpack and do a quick culling of toys to make room for the new stuff. Now we are just past the hangry wake up and in Daniel Tiger hell, but bedtime is coming soon so it will all be better then! 

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