The New Year post

We are only 5 days in, I can still write a New Year post, right? 

Neither Jen nor I are big on making resolutions for the new year, but we did take a bit of time in the midst of the holiday chaos to talk about the big and the little things in life right now. Ali was such a little angel during the holidays that we started our conversation with a bit of bragging and patting ourselves on the back about our current behavior approaches. I’m sure we will be tearing our hair out and wondering why she is such a butt soon enough, but for now we are basking in success. And what is our magic secret, you ask? A delicate balance of choosing your battles, being 100% consistent with the rules, and that hippy shit I talked about before where you get down on their level and calmly acknowledge their feelings. That last bit doesn’t come easy for me. I’m a yeller by nature and by nurture, and sometimes I yell. I feel horrible after, mostly because now Ali tears up and just stares at me when I do it, so although it’s not a New Years resolution, it’s something I’m working on lately.

Another part of our conversation was about the nervousness we both feel about the upcoming child(ren?) we will be adding to our family soon. Some of it is just logistics. How much will the morning hustle to get out of the house suck with another kid to wrangle? How will we deal with grocery shopping and meal prep? Who is going to clean the house and when will they have time to clean it anyways? Will the dogs ever be walked again? Who will stay up all night with a screaming baby since she has to work and I probably shouldn’t fail any classes? Should we go ahead and kick Ali out of our bed now, or wait until we actually have a placement? We came up with a schedule and a half ass plan, but if any of you have any answers to the previous questions, feel free to share!

The last part of our conversation had to do with how we both sort of feel like we have lost our identities as individuals outside of being moms, and also that we have somewhat lost our connection to each other outside of being parents. We both totally love being parents, and are super proud of our kid and our identity as a family, but now that our girl is getting older and less dependent on us, it’s time to rediscover the other parts of ourselves.  Obviously things might/will change soonish with the addition of another kid and we will be back to putting ourselves on the back burner while we tend to a baby, but for now we are going to make an effort at branching out. Part of that includes securing a regularly scheduled date night, and part of it includes joining our local Y so we can burn off some steam (and some calories!), and get Ali signed up for an activity for her and Jen to do together. The final part for this is that I’ve started looking for a part time job. I’m not super serious, but when I see an opening in a department I think I would like, I apply. A 12 hour shift where I get to use my brain and practice my nursing stuff sounds like heaven right now! 

And now for some pictures:  

 How can I kick her out of our bed, she loves to snuggle so much!   

 Mmm, home made bread and home made jam, match made in heaven. We are dangerously low on jam these days, I gave away too much for Christmas presents. We are actually getting low on most of the food I preserved over the summer, it’s kind of a bummer. I guess now I know what I need to do next year though!  

 This face! Don’t look at the  ice cream she’s eating in the tv room, never mind all that…

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7 Responses to The New Year post

  1. I have those snowflake sheets!

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  2. Molly says:

    Oh man. I would have the hardest time kicking those snuggles out of my bed. I can’t wait until Charlotte is big enough to snuggle in bed! Right now she HATES being in our bed. (Seriously–how did I get the baby who demands to co-sleep anywhere BUT the bed?)

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  3. Lindsay says:

    The hippie talking about feelings parenting style totally does work! Reading about those techniques and then using them has saved my sanity (and voice) many a time.

    I wouldn’t wanna kick that cute snuggler out of bed! And who doesn’t eat ice cream in the tv room?! Those things go hand in hand!

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    • kayrosey says:

      My stern voice has become pretty effective when I need to get her attention, but once she’s over the edge and freaking out I have to pull out the hippy tricks to get us back on track!
      I actually broke one of my ‘I would nevers’ and got a little table and chair for her to eat in front of the tv on occasion. I’m desperately trying to save my couch, it’s not working…

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