The Saturday morning post

I have all of these half written posts in my drafts, and I’ve started and deleted quite a few lately as well. I guess I just don’t have much to say right now, life is clicking along and the days are passing by, but nothing very interesting is happening. And really? That’s my preferred state of being, I like routine and an uneventful life. I was just talking with a friend of mine the other day who has an almost 1 year old, and she was lamenting how boring parenthood is. She hates the daily grind of going to work, coming home and feeding the kid, play for 30 min, put the kid to bed, be stuck at home being quiet until her own bedtime. I’m not entirely sure why she got herself knocked up again since she doesn’t really enjoy parenthood, maybe the baby nostalgia when your kid hits a year? Or maybe I’m being harsh on her since I had an unexpected jolt of jealousy when she told me she is pregnant. It was SO strong, and took me by surprise when it happened. I don’t really want to be pregnant, I think our current route of foster to adopt is totally the right thing for our family, and the socially responsible thing to do, but I still have a couple feelings left over about all of our failed attempts at getting knocked up I guess. 

Speaking of getting knocked up, I’ve been thinking kind of a lot about Ali’s donor lately. Not in any kind of a weird way, just in a curious about what kind of man he is way. The older Ali gets and the more her personality develops, the clearer it is that she takes after him A LOT. The way he described himself as a child fits her to a T, and the interests and natural abilities he talked about are exactly the same for her as well. The nature vs nurture thing has always been interesting to me, so it’s kind of neat to see that play out with my kid. Because of course I see myself in her, especially in her developing sense of humor and her love of cookies. And I also totally see Jen in her, especially with her empathy and her determination to master whatever skill she’s focused on.  

My favorite girl. 

Ali’s still in a pretty good phase right now, which is helpful since we have really hit the ground running with school. My classes are so intense! And my clinical is on a surgical floor so I’m seeing/doing all kinds of cool things with patients. Really, the further along I get in my program, the more in love I fall with the nursing world. I’m totally going to be that person who is constantly posting nursing themed memes and who has a stethoscope on her license plate.  

 So much C diff, so much MRSA…

On a totally different topic that I don’t really ever get into online, I’ve actually started losing the baby weight now that we are going to the Y a few times a week. Actually, it’s been almost 2.5 years since giving birth so I guess it’s not ‘baby weight’ anymore, I’m just plain chunky. Maybe it’s a little vain, but the weight gain is definitely a factor in being happy to not be preggo again. I gained about 65lbs with Ali and have only lost about 30 since. That’s too much for someone who is 5’4” on a tall day! But anyway, I’m proud of myself for going from talking about how I should do something to actually doing something. Hashtag fitfamily here we come! 


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5 Responses to The Saturday morning post

  1. Lindsay says:

    Good for you for getting fit/healthy! I desperately need to start working out but winter sucks the life out of me. The thought of leaving the house, taking the subway and going to the gym sounds as appealing as gouging my eyes out right now. I envy your drive.

    I think of nature/nurture a lot, too. Evelyn looks SO much like her donor, it’s like I had nothing to do with her creation. But her personality is ALL me. You cannot imagine a more “Lindsay-like” child, and I don’t know if that’s nature or nurture or maybe both. My older two girls born via surrogacy are very much like me in some ways, but favor their dads in personality, from what I can tell. So it’s interesting to think about the mix.

    You are in touch with one of Ali’s donor siblings, right? What is she like?

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    • kayrosey says:

      I’m in touch with 2 other siblings. They are all big kids that hit their physical milestones really early and teethed early. All 3 are later talkers and have hit the tantrum phase before 2, but who knows if that part is genetic or coincidence. So cool to see the similarities and differences in them!

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  2. I like when life is smooth and predictable too. And she’s stinking cute as always.

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